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Sunday 8 July 2012

Rear Window at Film Fatale

So as I mentioned in my previous Hitchcock post, Rear Window (1954) is my all time favourite of the famous director's films. You can imagine my excitement then when I found out that Film Fatale were hosting a "Rear Window" night. The idea behind Film Fatale, for those who haven't heard of it, is that each month an old movie is picked and shown in the Sugar Club on Leeson Street, decorated like a vintage movie theatre. Those attending are encouraged to dress in the style of the movies characters, themed cocktails are served, a singer performs before the film and a dj afterwards. Tickets are 15 euro each and all cocktails are a fiver, which is pretty decent.

Rear Window stars Jimmy Stewart as Jeff- a professional photographer, who following an accident during a hazardous work assignment, finds himself recouperating in his apartment in a wheelchair with his leg in a cast. Unable to work or otherwise entertain himself, he begins to watch his neighbours in the building across from his rear window apartment, none of whom seem to understand what their curtains are for. Not that he should be looking in the first place, but still. He becomes particularly interested in the comings and goings of Lars Thorwald, a middle aged salesman, living with his invalid wife- she mysteriously disappears from the apartment one night and Jeff is convinced that Thorwald has done away with her. Enabling him in formulating this theory are his insurance company nurse, Stella, who provides some light relief and his girlfriend Liza (Grace Kelly), who provides plenty of glamour. Like all of Hitchcock's films, the tension in the film slowly creeps up on you as the pieces start to come together. Meanwhile, distraction is provided by the activity in the other apartments in Jeff's vision. I really just love everything about this film. A particularly noteworthy scene is the opening shot where the camera artfully pans across the courtyard and lands on Jeff, sweating and sleeping fitfully in the cruel New York Summer heat.
Jimmy Stewart has an incredibly descriptive face. Because he's on his own the majority of the time, his facial expressions are used to tell us his reactions to what's going on around him- a clever way to tell the story.
All of Grace Kelly's scenes are just fabulous. Apart from being absolutely stunning, she really did have an enviable grace and elegance, as well as being a great actress. The costumes are beautiful too by the by, Jeff is mostly just in pajamas, but the character of Liza is a wealthy socialite so she has some amazing outfits. Regardez vous:

Stunning. She was a bit of a legend really. That being my style inspiration for the night I threw on some false lashes, red lipstick, pearls and a tulle-skirted dress.

While it would be fairly impossible to match the unbeatable style of Princess Grace, I really enjoyed getting to dress in the style of my favourite era, the 50's. Good practice for my forthcoming hen (Mad Men themed) and wedding (50's style dress)!
Next month film fatale are showing "Some Like It Hot", another of my all time favourite movies...I think I may be making another trip to the Sugar Club. In fairness, I really don't think I can pass up the opportunity to dress up like the lovely Marilyn :-)


  1. Wow you look fab, dying to go to one of the Film Fatale events!

    1. Aw thank you! Yeah, it was nice to do something a bit different, I'd been mad to go for ages too!