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Thursday 7 June 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel

I've always liked Kate Moss, God knows she's a bit of a looker (those cheekbones!) and although I personally have no interest in dressing like I'm off to a festival, I think she has a very cool style, unique to herself. I really liked her collections for Topshop so when her lipstick collection for Rimmel came out last year, I was all over it. I ended up buying 3 shades cause they were all half price in Boots (bargain), no 1-a true red with blue undertones, no 5-a peachy/pink and no 8-a nude. Anyway, that's all old news cause she's brought out some Spring/Summer shades, including a fairly vibrant pink that had to be mine.
Again, this was on offer in Boots at 4.56 euro. Sweet.
Here's my little collection all together, including the newbie:

Left to Right: 01, 05, 08 and 20. It's hard to tell from the photo but the two pinks are actually completely different, trust me!! I really like these shades because they're all very wearable, she has a purple and a couple of other dodgy numbers in the collection that just aren't my thing but these are all lovely. The pigmentation in these are excellent with a nice creamy consistency, there isn't any need to build these up, one layer is enough. They smell nice, kind of like sweets but not particularly overpowering. Packaging is fairly plain, as you can see. Just a black plastic casing with the "Kate Moss" signature logo on the lid. Obviously for 4.59 I wasn't exactly expecting solid gold or anything. Here's a swatch of all 4, again L-R 01, 05, 08, 20 with and without flash:

And here's my little S/S beauty on it's own:

And being worn, out in the wild..or Howth, in the sunshine. Although that sounds less dramatic.

I really like this colour, as I've said before I'm always fairly wary of bright pinks with blonde hair but this colour is really flattering and brightens the face. One thing I will say about these is that durability isn't the best, I put the no 20 on just before I had a 99, by the time I was finished making a glutton of myself (note that I had also just had a big seafood dinner) with the ice cream, it had not only worn off but had left a rim of colour around my lips that made it look as if I had ill-advisedly decided to apply some bright pink lipliner really badly and nothing else, you know, as you do. But again- 4.59 so I really can't complain that much, I'm just pointing out that these need regular reapplication. Anyone else get any of Kate's Lipsticks?


  1. I like her lippies, I won a few of them when they first came out and my fave is 08.

    1. I think I've probably used 8 the most actually, it's a really wearable shade.

  2. thanks for the comments on my posts lovey :) I cant wait to see your wedding photos if you give us a little look after the big day :) must check out the shop where you are getting the birdcage done!! Do you have twitter??

    1. I do, I'm Nursefancypants on that too but I never use it, I really must start though! :-)