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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Softening Lotion

Catchy title, eh? I recently signed up for Garnier's "Body Intensive 7 days free trial" of their softening lotion with L-Bifidus (no, me neither. Apparently it's inspired by pro-biotics, whatever that means) and shea butter. Seven sachets of body lotion arrived in the post along with the Garnier skin reader- "a handy little device that can help show the amount of dry skin cells on the skin surface".
Basically it's a black sticker that you rub onto your shin, peel off and proceed to stare at all the tiny white skin cells it took with it in wonder. Or NOT as the case may be. Because I've been moisturising lately! Take that Garnier! Ahem. So yeah, mine remained a black sticker with just a couple of skin cells on it because I've actually been making an effort to look after my skin (thanks to the wonders of Jo Malone) and so I felt the challenge of using this for 7 days and then retaking the skin reader test would be a bit wasted on me. That decision aside, I'm obviously the perfect candidate for marketing campaigns cause the next time I was in Boots I felt magnetically drawn to purchasing a bottle- 250mls for the princely sum of 4.26. Not too shabby!

And it really isn't. This stuff is great. Garnier recommends this if you have dry to extra-dry, dehydrated skin and claims it results in long lasting hydration, a decrease in dryness and roughness and an increase in suppleness, skin lipids and moisture, and again, all this for only..4.16 euro!! Sold!
What I like about this is that it's light in texture, is absorbed easily, is suitable for sensitive skin and smells great. I've recently been making more of an effort to wear fake tan so what I've started doing post shower is use this stuff, let it dry in and apply the tan over it- it's probably just me but I find it's a lovely base and my skin feels softer than it usually does when I just use fake tan alone. It takes literally just a few minutes to moisturise the entire body which is a bonus for me as I'm super lazy when it comes to body lotions.
This one also comes in a mango flavour and a peach flavour gel-cream is available for even more instantaneous absorption. There's also a shea butter hand cream in the range.


  1. I really want to try this out now! Thanks so much for the post! Im your newest follower! xx

  2. Hi Samantha, thanks for following!xx

  3. I can't believe I only just discovered this. I've needed this in my life for for long.

    Danielle Mac