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Saturday 16 June 2012

I'm getting old..

Don't be fooled- that's not me, it's the lovely Marilyn, celebrating her birthday with a delightful looking cake. Not as fabulous as the cake HTB provided me with, however. Check it out:

Nom Nom Nom.
For the annual day of realising how old I'm becoming, HTB whisked me off a couple of days early to the beautiful Cliff House Hotel in Waterford. It was gloriously sunny so we sat outside for lunch and drinks and looked out at the sea while we both relaxed and also gradually burnt, I know..tut tut.

Yes, that IS Ireland. Stunning. Later on we ate in the Michelin starred restaurant, had bellinis and helped ourselves to the wine tasting menu.. I can't even explain how amazing it was (I know, I know- I should use my words, but this was just too good to even begin to describe), so I took pictures instead. Behold, the deliciousness (have a cloth ready at your chin in case of drooling):

                                                                  Amuse Bouche.
                             1st half of starter- Scallops with bacon, sweet potato and spinach.
                                                        2nd Half- Scallop and caviar.
                               2nd Amuse Bouche- lemon jelly, grapefruit sorbet and sea foam.
 Halibut with mediteranean veg slices on top, cherry tomato reduction, gnocci, brown shrimp and the flower of a courgette, stuffed and cooked in tempura batter.
 Dessert no 1- Strawberry meringue, trio of jellies-basil, strawberry and cream, strawberries with basil fondant, strawberry coated in popping candy, all lying in white chocolate ganache. The dish behind it had a strawberry cream with meringue, more strawberries and sorbet.
And THIS is hands down the best dessert I've ever had. Pistachio souffle (they make a hole in the top when they bring it to your table and pour warm custard into it), with an orange and rhubarb sorbet thingy (in the dish behind it). Just so good, I'd say it's the best meal I'll ever have.
As if all that wasn't enough, I also awoke to some fabulous presents on my actual birthday, which shall soon be appearing in an incredibly smug "birthday present haul" post. I like present haul posts but that's mostly cause I'm just really nosey.
Being really good to myself, I've also made a few online birthday self gifted purchases, which I shall share when they arrive! Yay!


  1. Wowzers that food looks amazing :) he did well there ;)

    1. Happy Birthday fancy pants lady! You are a lucky, lucky girl! HTB did really well, and oh the sunshine and oh your glorious michelin meal - thanks for the food porn and hip hip hooray! xxx

    2. Thanks for the comments lovely ladies! He did do well, didn't he?! I'm sure not everyone wants to look at my dinner but I'm a bit food obsessed and love the old food porn, like yourself Jo! :-) xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time x AND OLD?? I wish i was your age again

    1. Oh but I am..gradually getting closer to the big 3-0! I don't know where the time goes! I still feel like I'm 18!!