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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Summer 2014 Collection From Lush!

I'm a huge Lush fan so I was thrilled to be sent their latest collection to try out. 
Feast your eyes upon this lot: African paradise (a body conditioner), D'fluff (shaving soap), Granny Takes a Dip (bath ballistic), Zest (hair jelly) and two fancy new soaps (parsley porridge and mangnificent):

Lush summer collection 2014

Summer 2014 Collection From Lush

First up, the latest super colourful bath ballistic, Granny takes a dip. Amazing name, I know. It's apparently inspired by a song 'Granny takes a trip' and the colours match the jackets the Beatles wore on the cover of Sgt cool! Given the inspiration behind it, expect psychedelic, colourful swirls when you drop it into your warm bath. This one contains pepper and ginger to warm and boost the circulation and lemon oil to uplift. Lovely. 
This fella is €3.95.

lush african paradise

African Paradise is an in-shower body conditioner, so you use it as you would hair conditioner. After cleaning your skin, apply this, then rinse off. Full of fair trade African ingredients including Shea butter to soften, moringa oil to brighten the skin and ylang ylang for a gorgeous scent. I LOVE this stuff. I have pretty dry skin and often don't have time to put on body moisturiser after a shower (especially when up at 6am for work) so this is a huge time saver for me. On first use, I found it slightly strange when I washed it off; it leaves an almost greasy residue, like melted butter and water together. Once you towel dry though that goes completely, leaving your skin soft and smelling incredible. I will for sure be buying a new one once this is empty. 
It's €24.95 for 245g.

lush d'fluff shaving soap

I also love D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap, a whipped shaving cream made with fresh strawberries, coconut oil, maple and corn syrups, sweet wild orange oil, rose and vanilla absolute and egg whites. It actually smells, sounds and looks like a dessert. And yes, I am slightly tempted to tuck in every time I open the tub. Luckily, this also works very effectively when it comes to shaving; it's a light, fluffy texture that lathers well and works for a close shave. It's suitable for men and women and can also be used as a body wash. Handy!
This is €6.70 for 100g or €12.15 for 250g.

lush zest hair gelly

Zest is an orange hair jelly designed to provide great hold without any greasy residue. It does smell incredibly zesty, probably no surprise as it's packed full of sweet wild orange, pettigrain oil from the twigs of the bitter orange tree and neroli oil from the flowers of the aforementioned tree. There's also moss seaweed extract in there to help create texture and hold. 
This is €14.75 for 100g.

Summer 2014 Collection From Lush

I'm not generally a big user of soaps but I've made an exception for Lush ones since I tried their snow globe" soap last Christmas. That was pure grapefruit heaven and I haven't looked back. Here I have Parsley Porridge, an antibacterial soap suitable for body and face, containing (unsurprisingly) parsley to detoxify, fine milled porridge oats to deep cleanse and tea tree oil and thyme for their anti-bacterial properties. The porridge oats help to get rid of dead skin cells, everything else keeps you spot-free, oh and there's even a whack of Aloe Vera in there to soothe your skin after all that cleansing! Because of that, it's best suited for oily, acne prone skin and will set you back €5.25 for 100g

Lastly, we have Mangnificent, a refreshing soap that contains dried and fresh mango, lemon and mandarin oils, all designed to cleanse the skin while providing vitamins A, C, E and lots of B's as well as antioxidants, calcium and potassium. There's also neroli oil in there to tone the skin and uplift; all in all this is the ideal soap for when you've pressed snooze five times already and are struggling to wake up. This is for hand and body only and again, costs €5.25 for 100g.

And that's your lot!
Anything catching your eye?


  1. Ooh I like the look of the hair gel! I used to use their King of the Mods and it was awesome

    1. I have no use for hair gel at all but it smells incredible!

  2. Love the smell of Lush stuff. Wish there was a Lush near me but then I'd be broke.

    1. I know, I try and avoid it unless I'm really in need of a treat, otherwise, like you I'd be penniless from the place! x

  3. Ha ha granny takes a dip, I love that name! This range looks lovely

  4. I do like Lush for a treat - but I found an even better independent shop in Frome, Somerset. This shop STINKS 'cos it's so full of essential oils, herbs, spices, incense etc. The bits I bought from there are currently scenting my underwear drawer.

  5. Love the sound of African Paradise, the price of it though!