Friday, 4 January 2013

Revive Spa and Eve Lom

Looking for a January blues banisher?! Look no further!
My extremely generous and lovely sister gave me a Revive gift voucher for my birthday way back in June but I actually haven't had the chance to use it until recently.
If you haven't heard of them before now, Revive is an award winning salon in Dublin, offering a good range of treatments and specialising in some really great brands like Eve Lom, Dermalogica, Essie and St Tropez, amongst others. 
What I really wanted to try was the Eve Lom Signature Facial (90 mins, 140 euro). Oh dear Lord. I can't even explain how fantastic this was. There's a load of steps to this so I'll do my best to list them as contemporaneously as possible. 
First, you go into the relaxation room where you chill out, have some herbal tea and in my case, also read a copy of "Gorgeous To Go" that happened to be in the room.

Herbal Tea in rather cool pots

Next you go into your treatment room where you have your consultation with your therapist. To start the treatment, you get a rather fabulous back massage and then lie on your back on the heated bed (divine). Then the legendary facial begins- the skin is cleansed with the Eve Lom cleanser- this is so lovely, like a much fancier version of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, this is gently massaged in and then removed with a hot muslin cloth. Next a parafin wax mask is applied (sounds a lot scarier than it is), which heats the skin and opens the pores. The mask is then peeled off and the therapist can work on any blemishes you may have. In my case, this was blackheads that I didn't know I had and some awful spots on my chin that seemed to have taken up permanent residence there (sorry for the over share). I won't lie, this part was uncomfortable and I was concerned I'd come out looking a bit banjaxed but my therapist THEN put on the really gorgeous Eve Lom lavender and camphor Rescue mask, which really calmed my skin down. This was then taken off with a hot chamomile soaked muslin cloth and a cold compress was applied, to refresh the skin and close the pores. My therapist also tried out the Eve Lom "Dynaspot" for me by applying it directly to the spot AND she even put lip balm and eye cream on too. Now that is a facial.
Because I liked the Dynaspot and the Kiss Mix lip balm so much, I decided to pick them up with the rest of my voucher and I am delighted with them.

The Dynaspot has cleared up those spots and that makes this my new Holy Grail skincare product. I will say that I find that it paints the affected area white, although the brand do recommend that it can be worn under make up. I started off just using it at night time and was really pleased at how it completely dries up the spot while you sleep.

Dynaspot in action
In the past week or so I've also been trying it out under my make up and it actually blends in perfectly. I won't lie that I love the smell of it too- it contains tea tree oil and chamomile and also salicylic acid, which supposedly clears the skin without drying it. I would go so far as to say that this is the only spot treatment I've ever used that has actually worked so if you're struggling to find something that will do the job, look no further. I really can't say enough about how great this is.
As for the Kiss Mix, I really liked the stingy effect this gives- it was cooling and comforting and took an age to wear off (a cupcake finally did the deed) but my lips felt really soft afterwards.

The lovely Kiss Mix
This can be used under lipstick to create a soft base, on it's own or over a lipstick for a nice sheen. Also, packaging on all of these products is really aesthetically pleasing- white with gold writing, clean and streamlined. Very nice.
If I didn't have a bathroom cabinet already full of Liz Earle cleanser I would've picked up an Eve Lom one too but thankfully I was given a sample of it to try at home along with a sample of the camphor and lavender mask so I'm looking forward to that and will definitely have my sights set on buying more from the range in the future.
What I will say is, Eve Lom is very pricey so not for everyone but it is an amazing treat. If you're looking to spoil a loved one or you need a post-Christmas pick-me-up, you could not go wrong with a voucher for Revive.
I really enjoyed my experience there- the treatment was amazing, the staff were lovely and the decor created a relaxing vibe. Personally, I thought it was a really lovely and indulgent gift- not something you'd do every weekend and therefore all the more special!
Here's a link to their website if you're interested in finding out more:


  1. Oh this sounds absolutely amazing! I love the idea of someone extracting all the gunk from my skin, but haven't got round to it. I might start saving now..

    1. It was heavenly! My skins been so much better since it too, I didn't realize how badly I needed it! x

  2. There is nothing like a good facial. Dermalogica always do extractions, and if they are good at what they do you wont be marked or left red faced when leaving! I must try this place!

    1. You really should, it was such a lovely treat! I really like Dermalogica but had heard so many good things about Eve Lom that I said I'd give that a go, so glad I did! :) x

  3. Wow, that sounds heavenly :-) I've been to the Revive Express on Dawson St, and they do an amazing manicure with polish that doesn't chip. I'd love to try out this facial now!

    1. You definitely should! I heard their express one was lovely too, must check that out :) x

  4. Replies
    1. It was so fabulous! Such a nice treat! When I win the lotto I'll be getting it once a week! :) x

  5. I never would have been drawn to having a facial but your description really makes it sound like heaven! Glad you enjoyed it so much x

    1. Oh it was so amazing! I could actually do with it again now- I think it'd definitely help my flu! :) x