Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Recently Viewed: Seven Psychopaths

Other than Christmassy films, I haven't really seen any other films lately, except for Seven Psychopaths, which is in cinemas at the moment.

By the same makers as In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths follows the story of drunken Irish writer Marty, living in the States, played by Colin Farrell, who is struggling to write his latest film screenplay- he knows it's called 'Seven Psychopaths' and what the general jist of it will be but trying to come up with seven individual characters that will make a cohesive film is evading him. His alcoholism isn't helping either, nor is it helping his ailing relationship with his girlfriend. Worse still is that he ends up getting dragged into a fairly terrifying scenario when his friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Billy's partner in crime Hans (Christopher Walken) enrage lunatic gangster Charlie (Woody Harrelson) when they steal his dog. His exposure to this little group of oddballs does have one benefit (apart from entertaining us, the audience)- it helps Marty write his screenplay.
Why I liked it: It's very funny and fast paced, makes lots of clever popular culture references (lots of Tarantino inspiration going on) and is just generally very smart. The acting in it is excellent (I'll be on board with any film that has Walken and Harrelson in it, both of whom are great in this) and it really doesn't take itself too seriously, which provides some much needed levity considering how violent some of the scenes are. I also appreciated the fact that the film addresses the role of women in cinema, or lack thereof as the case often is.
For the faint of heart, I probably would avoid this- personally I've seen a lot worse and none of the violence in the film is gratuitous but it's still enough to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline going.

Overall I just found this really entertaining. I would definitely recommend!

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