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Thursday 17 January 2013

Liebster Award

Fabulous fellow bloggers Chloe from Very Lovely Stuff and Lisa from Scatter Brained Blogging nominated me for the Liebster award which was muchly appreciated! So what's the story?
The Liebster award is for blogs with under 200 followers and it's pretty simple.
You nominate 11 up-and-coming bloggers with under 200 followers.
Tell everyone 11 random facts about yourself. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you.
Finally, come up with 11 new questions & let the bloggers know that they've been nominated! Here goes!

11 Random Facts about Me:
1) If I hadn't become a nurse I would've been an English teacher. I love reading and poetry and have both a real and virtual (kindle) stacks of books that are presently calling to me to be read- one of my New Years resolutions!
2) I love novelty socks, slippers and pyjamas. The other day I looked down and realised I was wearing a She-Ra t shirt, Sponge Bob pj bottoms and penguin slippers and I thought- "Oh yeah, I'm glamorous AND mature".
3) I get really cranky when I haven't eaten- many have suffered the wrath of me with a low blood sugar level. Generally I have to eat quickly to avoid a complete meltdown. The "We could go here for lunch..or here..or maybe over there" will not be tolerated. Capish?!
4) I'm secretly a bit of a nerd. I loved the X Files, Buffy, Star Trek:The next Generation and Alien.
5) I love fancy dress. In the past I've been Marie Antoinette (complete with neck wound), a Leprechaun, Santa Claus, a Freudian Slip, She-Ra (sensing a pattern?!) and Evil Tinkerbell (don't ask). Next I really want to do a proper zombie with the full on make up and fake wounds etc.
6) I consider myself a bit of a music buff- my preferred era being the 80's but I also have quite the soft spot for 90's grunge and indie. As a result I've pretty much seen everyone I wanted to see live by now..except of course for Jeff Buckley who is sadly deceased and the mighty David Bowie who no longer tours (I'm holding out hope for that one though).
7) I'm very picky about certain foods- if it looks like a pepper or a piece of celery has been involved there'll be the ritual picking out of the veg. If the pieces are too small or there's too many, I just can't go on (melodrama city). I also have a terrible sweet tooth. It shall undoubtedly be my undoing.
8) I love Horror movies and I say I don't like Rom-Coms mostly because all the recent ones suck (not you Silver Linings Playbook, not you), also I'm very cynical. However there's one or two that I can watch repeatedly, still love and usually shed a little tear (tell no one, my street cred will be gone!). My favourites are When Harry Met Sally (that film is just perfect), Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually and The Wedding Singer.
9) I love cats and still mourn the loss of my beloved Mr Meowington who we had for 9 years. Hubster has agreed that once we have a bigger home there shall be cat(s). The plural there might have to be further debated with him (he's allergic. Yes, I know, I'm a terrible wife).
10) I'm a total homebody- I'm much happier at home in my slanket watching a movie with himself and eating junk food than I am out on the tear. I'm not a big drinker either but will never turn down a Long Island Iced Tea..or a nice glass of wine (inadvertently making myself sound like an alcoholic).
11) I'm a bit of a magpie- I love pretty, shiny, sparkly things; shoes, bags, beautifully made dresses, make up, nail polish etc but I don't believe that indulging in those sort of things means that I can't also be the strident feminist that I am- because I am. It's embarrassing for other people when they try and compartmentalise you and fail. There's more to all of us than just one element of our personalities and it's nice to be able to explore that with this blog.

Chloe's Questions:
1) What are you wearing right now?
Multi-coloured striped dress, black tights, ankle boots and flu-ridden face.
2)What is your holy grail product?
Eve Lom Dynaspot
3) Describe your skincare routine.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Liz Earle Toner, L'ancome Hydra Zen moisturiser, Eve Lom Dynaspot for blemishes, Origins overnight Drink Up Intensive Mask and Liz Earle exfoliator a couple of times a week.
4) Plain nails or decorated?
Plain cause I'm incapable of nail art.
5) What is your favourite make up brand?
Toss up between Chanel and YSL.
6) What was the last book you read?
I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood at the minute- a disturbing dystopian thriller.
7) What were the last three things you bought?
Coffee, a raspberry scone and a Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm in Honey.
8) Favourite dinner?
Prawn Linguine.
9) What's your favourite TV show?
Ultimate favourite is probably Buffy. The last few years I've been loving Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, 30 Rock, Arrested Development and Dexter.
10) What is your dream job?
I really love being a nurse so I wouldn't change that but some day I'd like to move into the educational side- become a nursing lecturer etc.
11) Who is your role model?
I have a few- someone I know through a friend of mine who has been quite unwell but carries herself with such dignity and positivity- so inspiring. My sister in law for her incredible talent to become accomplished at everything she attempts, my 3 sisters- they're all so capable and talented in different ways and of course my mum for raising such amazing childer!

My Questions!:
1) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
2) If you could live in any era based on the style at the time which would you chose and why?
3) Favourite book?
4) Would you rather spend an evening out on the town or at home chilling out?
5) Holy Grail make up product?
6) Sweet or Savoury?
7) Any irrational fears?
8) Smokey eye or bold lip?
9) Do you get more excited by fashion or beauty?
10) Tanned or Pale and Interesting?
11) What is your ideal job?

The 11 bloggers I nominate!:
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Hannah from A Bullet To The Head
Megan Rose from A Little Bit of Make Up and Beauty
Emma from Catch My Fancy
Dani from The Glamour Nazi
Vicki from Happy Bubble Gal
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Audrey from The Nail Affair
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Nora from Too Many Muffins

You should take the time to check out these lovely ladies blogs- they're some of my favourites and are all great reads!


  1. Thanks for the nomination Chloe! I'm only getting around to it now *sigh*

    1. Ah good stuff hun, looking forward to reading it!x

  2. reading this post, it sounds like we have a crazy amount of things in common lol. Most of your answers could be mine too! :)

    1. Ah that's gas! Well I knew we both loved Bowie and fancy mugs, must go check out your post now too to see what else! :)