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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Unique Christmas Present Ideas With!

For the last couple of years my sister-in-law has made us a calendar from for the year ahead using some of our favourite photos. It's a really lovely, personal gift that we always appreciate- it's something you can actually use and be reminded of happy times simultaneously!
I was delighted then when I was asked if I'd like to try out the website for the blog and immediately took up the offer to pick out some things myself! I'm not gonna lie, there's a lot of options to choose from and I got a bit flustered trying to decide but I had himself on hand and together we came up with these:

I'm an Instagram addict so it's really no surprise that the Retro Prints were high on my want-list and they did not disappoint. Your photo is printed onto textured paper with a varnish gloss added over the top and a black photo negative on the back of the print for that Polaroid feeling! Speaking of Polaroid, look at the case they come in! Love it! You can choose between 12, 24 or 36 prints.

I went for 12 but I can easily see myself getting more. We decided to go for photos strictly from our recent trip to the states and although I haven't displayed them very well here, once I find the perfect twine and mini close pegs, they'll be livening up a very boring wall in our bedroom. 
I think it's going to be so lovely to wake up every day to some of our most treasured holiday memories and the fact that they're printed like this makes them that bit more special.

Another thing that I love about these is the option to add your own text to your print, as you would with a real polaroid too (except that you can choose your own font here)! 
If you can't decide what you want to write at the time of ordering (if it's a gift for someone else for instance) then you can add your message later on at home too. Clever eh?

Also great is that the retro prints are eco-friendly. They're non-toxic, recyclable and the production process contains no volatile compounds like traditional photo printing systems do. Bonus!

I really love these. I have fond memories of my family having a Polaroid camera when I was a little'un and this is like that but much cheaper. 
12 prints set me back €12.99 only. For that, I have a lovely decoration and I think something like this would make a fantastic birthday, Christmas or anniversary present.

And speaking of presents, I thought a personalised mug would be a fun gift for my Mum for Christmas this year. That's me there in New Hampshire, loving life, surrounded by all the gorgeous scenery. The photo came out crystal clear and is printed on one side only with an option for a personalised message on the other:

You could really do anything you wanted with this. I'd also suggest it as a Secret Santa gift as it's fun and would make the recipient smile every time they had their cup of tea in the morning! At only €7 too, it's not going to break the bank. 

Lastly then is this photo himself took on our New England road trip. This was one of my favourite photos from that holiday and we thought it'd look spectacular on a larger scale. I can't even tell you how mesmerised I was by the Autumn leaves over there; the colours are just outstanding and I love the contrast of that red/pink/orange against the blue sky. Again, the clarity in the print is perfect too. 

We went for a wrap canvas which means the edges are part of the print, which looks great. This is a Canvas Lite, 61cm x 40.6 cm. I'd say it's an average size; it's big enough to make an impression but not so big that it takes over a wall entirely if that makes sense! 
There's loads of sizes and shapes available though so you'll be spoilt for choice. I do really like the idea of creating a wall of these with different canvas sizes, it's very Pinteresty but always looks so cool!
We love this canvas, like its retro print friends it'll be going up in our bedroom and will add a nice flash of colour to an otherwise bland cream wall. This is your ideal gift for a loved one I think; pick out their favourite family, wedding or celebratory photo, a shot of their kids or pets and get it masterfully recreated onto a canvas print. Perfect! 

Overall I thought our order was pretty cost effective. I was given credit by the company to try some of the products for myself but I ended up spending my own money too, purely because I wanted more! The original cost of delivery was pricey because the canvas was coming from outside of the EU but there was also a pretty generous discount on the site the same day (30% off orders over €40-that's over tomorrow!) so we saved a lot. I'd say to keep an eye out on the site for discounts as they do seem to be quite generous. There's Black Friday offers on at the moment too that finish tomorrow so definitely a good idea to check it out now if you're interested! 

If you're eager for more gift ideas like this, you should really check out the site, HERE. You can personalise cards, diaries, cushions, snow globes, key rings, Christmas tree baubles, coasters, mouse mats, placemats, fridge magnets, teddy bears, iPhone and iPad cases and even create your own jigsaw!

This post was just to give you an idea of what they do but have you tried anything from Photobox yourself? 
Anything here catching your eye?

*this is not a sponsored post but some items were provided for the purpose of reviewing the website. All opinions my own, as always!


  1. I love Photobox I included them in my gift guide because I've used them for a good few years and they're always fab!! Your finished goodies are lovely:)

    Makeup Monster

  2. I do a calendar for my Mam every year with all the grandchildren & she loves it! I really love those retro prints xx