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Sunday 29 November 2015

A Gift Guide…For Myself

Yeah, you read that right. It's been a particularly crap year and I'm currently in hospital (as a patient, not as a nurse unfortunately), so I've decided to amuse myself by compiling a list of very fancy beauty gifts that I would like and hopefully with your help, I can narrow down what I should get as a treat for myself.
Because I'm worth it.
*cue hair swish*

First up is the much sought after Charlotte Tilbury Book of Makeup Magic advent calendar. It's horrendously expensive at €195 but if you're looking for luxury, you won't get much better than this. I'm not a huge fan of the CT skincare products (aside from the moisturiser, which is nice but not worth 90 quid or whatever it is) and there are a few of those in there alright but there's also lipstick, eyeshadow, a lipliner and an eyeliner, none of which I have tried. Following a Twitter chat last night with the lovely Lorraine from John It's only Make Up!, I'm thinking I'd probably be happier with just one of her gorgeous lipsticks. I've tried none of them and they all look divine but I am leaning towards Amazing Grace (thanks again, Lorraine!), Red Carpet Red and Love Liberty.
 Let me know in the comments what your favourite CT lipstick shade is, I need inspiration! Of course, if I did that, I wouldn't have the daily joy that only an advent calendar can bring! Decisions!

Next, we have the Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc Judo Red and Bamboo White Nail Polishes. These are €45. I tried the Bamboo White in store and it's lovely. These have a nice lux feel to them and the shades are classics. Very tempting but I do own a LARGE amount of nail polish as it is.

Every year I tell myself I'm going to get this Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Collection but every year I for some reason don't. Maybe it's the €58 price tag. Eeeeeep. These are eyeshadow sticks in 6 different shades of mattes and metallics. I feel like these would revolutionise the process of applying eye make up which at present, feels like a tedious chore on a day-to-day basis. Without it though I somehow look like a combination of a sick child and a very weary pensioner. 

I haven't bought anything from Estee Lauder in years but this is just a make-up lovers dream. Look at how gorgeous those lipsticks look! This is the Be Envied Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection Limited Edition Christmas Set. I'm actually tired from typing that. Anyway, these are only travel sizes but are €44 so that does make me question how good value this is..might be worth seeing these in person first!


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette for Holiday 2015

In the style of the X Factor, I'm throwing in one last one. This has been in the back of my brain for a few months now and as much as I want it, the price tag of £65 is slightly off putting. 
Hear me out. 
I own NO Hourglass products, which is kind of a disgrace really. 
Secondly, I'm old and haggard and so I need products that can cast a glorious candlelit glow across my tired visage. 
Thirdly, I want it, it's pretty.
I also re-read Temptalia's review on it and she seemed less than impressed so I'm now thinking maybe a single powder would be more cost effective.

What say ye?

What I really want to know is (are you gonna go my way?!) which of these should I buy? Which do you own and why should I also own them?
Thanks lovelies!


  1. The hourglass palette is teeny, but if you can get over that I'm sure it's lovely. I have dim Light & am addicted to their blushers. Re the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, I have Amazing Grace & Red Carpet Red & love them both. Rcr is much more of a statement though (obs) himself loves it on me & he never comments on lipstick

  2. I'm still trying to love the Hourglass Ambient powders, they seem ok with setting spray on camera but in reality it looks as how you'd imagine an orange would look if you put foundation on it. I do adore the dim infusion blush, it's gorgeous. The bronzer was a huge fail for me, I was so excited to get it and it's just meh, I've gone back to far cheaper ones. With Charlotte, I haven't tried any of her matte ones but I have three of her k.i.s.s.i.n.g ones and I love them all (hepburn honey, penelope pink and confession) - I'd love that advent calendar but I couldn't use it without an attack of the guilts.

  3. I got the Envy lipsticks, they are small but i never finish off a lipstick anyway :). Gorgeous shade selection.

  4. Hope you feel better soon xx

    All great picks here! The Hourglass palette is so over-priced but if I didn't own any products from the brand, I'd definitely buy it! I love the formulation of those Estee Lauder lipsticks, so it would be well worth buying! I'm tempted by that LM eye shadow stick set & Feel Unique have 20% off at the minute! xx


  5. I'd love it all too. Especially the Book of magic. Wow xx Siobhan

    PS hope you're ok and get better soon x

  6. Yeah Hourglass is very hit and miss, some days it's beautiful, some days it's a pain in the ass and I think I prefer Guerlain's Meteorites for being subtle but more radiant and they have a gorgeous Christmas set out right now!

  7. Damn right you need to treat yourself! I'd LOVE the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar, actually I'd love anything CT!