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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Tony Moly: Mini Brand Focus

Tony Moly is a Korean beauty brand, known for their ridiculously cute packaging and fun colours. I've lusted after the adorable products for a really long time now cause if there's anything I love it's a bit of kitsch.

Tony Moly

These were all picked up in that very dangerous mini's aisle of Sephora near the till. I'm a terror for mini sizes of anything, they're immediately more desirable purely because of their size and sure lip balms in the shape of fruit are practically necessities anyway. Ahem.

The Cherry Balm smells a bit like sweets (ideal for a Haribo addict, such as myself) while the Peach Balm is like a Bellini in moisturising form (also ideal for a Bellini lover, such as myself) and are lovely on the lips (they're designed to soften and plump). The Cherry Balm has a tint but it's quite light, definitely not an alternative to a lip stain or lipstick while the peach translates as clear/pink on. My lips did feel nicely soft after using them both- these are very nice balms indeed.

Tony Moly

Where these really shine is on the packaging front however, from that shiny cherry with its pliable stalk to that smooth peach groove; these are make-up-bag eye candy, let's be fair. 
Both were 10 dollars each and if I could get the whole range of fruit shaped products, I probably would!

Tony Moly

What was actually not worth my hard earned shekels at all was the Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base, $12. This is an eye serum base in stick form with brightening peptides to illuminate the skin around the eyes. It smells lovely and makes a nice smooth base once it's blended but I can't say I've noticed a huge difference from using it compared to not using it.

Tony Moly

In conclusion (thanks, Leaving Cert English), these are very cute products and are nice to use but probably not worth going out of your way to get, unless you're as mad into a novelty as I am!

Have you tried anything from Tony Moly?


  1. There's a seller on eBay called f4plus2 or f2plus1 or something to that effect that has an enormous range of Tony Moly - I've bought a few bits from them, can't actually remember now but I'm sure I've had a lip balm, a lipstick and some nail polish - their packaging is so gorgeous!

  2. I've been meaning to buy some Tony Moly myself, mainly because the packaging is just so adorable!

  3. The problem is I am as mad into novelty stuff as you are!!

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