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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Weekend Book Review: People I Want To Punch In The Throat

Actually, the full title of this is "People I want to punch in the throat: Competitive crafters, Drop-off despots and other suburban scourges". You can see why I would be attracted to a book with a title like that. This is written by Jen Mann, an American blogger (she blogs under the same name People I want to punch in the throat) where she discusses stories from her life, her family and general lifestyle shenanigans. She's also written two other books; "I just want to pee alone" and "I just want to be alone", you can find both listings HERE on Amazon. 

She has a big following for her particular brand of sarcastic humour and so she's written this book, which is a compilation of anecdotes; beginning with how she met her husband to finding out her four year old is a racist, doing battle with the world's most annoying PTA moms and my personal favourite, taking on the "jackholes and tightwads of the world" who attend her garage sales. 
As you can tell, this is very much a look at suburban life except told with a witty and ascerbic twist which at times can be laugh out loud funny. I say at times because it took me a while to get into her particular type of humour. When I first started reading it, it was dragging a little bit for me- I hadn't read her blog so I wasn't familiar with her style of writing but once I got into it, I actually really enjoyed it and by the time I got to the garage sale story I was shaking with laughter. 
This for me, is a nice easy read. If you're looking for something a bit lighter after your usual murder mystery/crime novel, then this is a great option. I received this as a preview copy from NetGalley so it's not actually available until the 9th of September to buy but I'd pop it on my to-be-read list now just so you don't forget! You can also pre-order from Amazon HERE
On a personal note, I think it's really cool that bloggers like this are being recognised for their writing ability and that blogging as a medium of literary expression is being taken seriously. If you want to read more from another good blogger, I recently reviewed "Lets pretend this never happened" by Jenny Lawson, which was also excellent and you can read my review of that HERE.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. I follow Jen Mann on Twitter (I think) after somehow coming across an article about irritating, artsy parents so I bet this is a great book! I'm definitely going to get my Mum this book cos such she's a sarky old goat, I bet she'd love it!

  2. Its cool to find really down to earth funny writers, and even better when you can continue to love their work on a blog! I've actually ordered this after reading your review, can't wait to have a read! Also shes on the must read every blog post list! :) x

    1. Oh excellent let me know what you think! I think you'd really like the other one I mentioned at the end there too! :) x