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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cornwall & Devon

There's been a definite chill in the air the last few days and I've had to start using my quilt again so before we bid farewell to Summer for another year, I'm going to do some holiday reminiscing. A couple of months ago now we went on a driving holiday around Cornwall and Devon (I recently did a post on the fashion museum in Bath that was part of that trip, you can read about that HERE). This is an absolutely stunning part of the world; beautiful coastal scenery, moors, lush green countryside and fresh clean air. Also, much ice cream and cornish Ale. It was gorgeously sunny and warm the whole time we were there, we were very lucky indeed!  
I'm just going to bombard you with photos here cause the place kind of speaks for itself. 

That's what I'm looking at in the first picture!
Heat wave on St Ives beach with my kindle and a Pimms. Good times.
This is the Minnock Theatre, it's built into the coast at pretty much the very bottom of the country. We went to see a production of Sleeping beauty, which was surprisingly entertaining, although the surroundings certainly helped!
The play at dusk.
Cycling tour!
ALL the deliciousness.
We finished up in Bristol, which is a very cool city. We managed to spot a few real life Banksy's (woohoo!) and did all the touristy things including the SS Great Britain (big mad ship, way too many photo of that to put up here!).
Sun setting in the main square in Bristol. Lovely.
We also visited the Eden Project, which is worthy of it's own post so I'm going to leave that out of here for the moment!

Not to sound too much like a hairdresser but been anywhere nice on your holidays recently?!


  1. Such beautiful pictures, need to visit some day! x

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! I went to Cornwall many years ago and would love to go back, it's such a lovely place. I haven't been on holiday for aaaages, I'm hoping to drive over to England next time I go and see my mum so I'm going to take advantage of having a car and visit some old haunts of mine...Scarborough, Filey, Beadnell, all the holidays of my childhood x

    1. Oh that sounds like a lovely idea! I love driving holidays (clearly), you fit so much in and can take it all at your own pace. x

  3. Ooh, I really must get down there. So far I've done lots of Dorset (also gorgeous - try Bridport) and a bit of the top of Devon (I love Exmoor a lot) but haven't made it to Cornwall.

    So pleased you made it to old friend Bristol. It's my adopted home town and I love it with my heart. Bath is a lot more famous, but Bristol is just down the road and has lots of cool stuff to see and do and eat.

    1. Oh I'd love to go to Dorset, will have to add that to the list for the next time. We loved Bristol, it was such a cool city, so many lovely spots to eat and drink and even just to stroll around in, it was fab. Would definitely go back.

  4. Such lovely photos Chloe - looks like you had a marvellous time! I have only been in that part of the world once but I loved it, will definitely go back someday.

    1. Thanks Emma! Oh it's such a lovely spot, definitely worth another visit!