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Thursday 1 August 2013

New from Cocoa Brown: Tough Stuff Scrub

As previously mentioned, I'm a recent re-convert to the world of fake tan. I used to lash it on in my youth (no doubt terribly) but gave the whole thing up- mostly because I wanted to embrace the pale but also, I just grew tired of all the hassle that comes with preparing the skin, applying, maintaining and removing self tanner. I did however miss that lovely glow and the ability to wear actual colours without resembling a corpse. Then along came Cocoa Brown. While I like Night & Day (read about it HERE), my personal preference is for the One Hour Tan (read about it HERE), as I can control what level of tan I want to achieve, I find it easy to apply and it lasts for ages (I generally get a week, which is pretty great for a self tanner).
And so I restocked on my One Hour Tan yesterday (only 6.90 in Penneys!) in anticipation for heading off on my Anniversary Celebrations/Holiday this weekend and was only delighted when this latest offering from the brand arrived in the post yesterday for me to try out. Behold, Tough Stuff, "a no nonsense scrub for rough areas such as feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands".

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff
The sachet contains 50mls of exfoliant (ingredients include pumice and walnut shell powder) and is designed for either dry use- to give a deep exfoliation OR on wet skin, allowing for more frequent use as it's more gentle on the skin when used with water. Suggested use is the day before you intend to apply your tan, using long, sweeping strokes over the rough areas of the skin (it's advised that you don't use it on sensitive areas or on the face and to expect some redness afterwards) and then obviously, wash off when you're finished scrubbing.

So let me tell you what I loved about this:

  • First thing I noticed was that gorgeous Cocoa Brown scent (it's extract of Tahitian Gardenia, fact fans) although that doesn't remain on the skin after washing off, so it's good for those who don't like scented products too.
  • The exfoliating grains are quite small in this, which I really like. Any exfoliators I've used in the past have left me with large beads which I find I have to use in conjunction with a body scrubbing thing (you know what I mean, those scrubby yokes on a string) to get the best out of them and even then I never really get that proper 'clean' feeling that I got with this- I think because the grains are so small they work more effectively and more quickly on the skin, which actually saved me a load of time when I was trying to get ready for bed. I used it both dry and then wet, just to see the difference and I think because of the effect of the emulsion between the scrub and the water, that I preferred the latter. 
  • It washes off really easily- another issue I have with traditional body scrubs. There you are, drying yourself with your towel to find the back of your arm or somewhere is still coated in beads- not so with this, it does it's job, washes straight off and you're done! Impressive.
  • My skin instantly felt softer, cleaner and smoother. I then applied my moisturiser, as recommended and went to bed with really lovely feeling skin.
  • It really provides a great foundation for tanning, (although I generally never get streaks with Cocoa Brown anyway) and definitely helps to prevent the dreaded "orange patches" on knees and knuckles etc, which is never a good look.
Any gripes?
  • Well there's just one I'm afraid. I wish this came in a bottle. While the sachet is convenient in certain circumstances (throwing into a suitcase on holidays etc.), I know I'll use this regularly (you can use it 3-4 times a week) and I am slightly concerned that an open sachet could be knocked over by accident and spill all over the place. Senseless loss of good product is just tragic! There's a really generous amount in the packet that means there's no way you could finish it on the first or even second use so, for me personally, a bottle would be super handy for the shower. 
Other than that, this is a total game changer for me, making the whole tanning process even easier than it already was thanks to One Hour Tan and now this in turn has given me a bit of a confidence boost that I can actually prepare my skin and apply my tan myself and not be anxious that it'll be a disaster. 
What do you think, interested in Tough Scrub?


  1. Got mine in the post yesterday cannot wait to try it out! x

  2. Great review, i got mine in the post yesterday and can't wait to try it. I believe that Cocoa Brown has plans for having this in a tube so your wish may come true! I love how it's pink and not the usual pale cream looking colour. xx

    1. Oh that's great about the tube- delighted! I love the colour too, something more fun about pink! X

  3. I totally agree, this needs to be in a tub! I adore it, it works beautifully :) x

  4. And it's pink! Yes that shouldn't make a difference but it does.

  5. A tub or a squirty tube would be perfect! Sachets and me don't do well together!