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Thursday, 12 March 2015

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation | Review

Gather around, for I am about to impart a tale of woe about a discontinued foundation. Back in the day I used to love a YSL foundation called Perfect Touch, Radiant Brush. I went through many of these fellas and for a time it was my holy grail foundation. 
Once, a woman actually stopped me on the street to ask me what foundation it was because, and I quote "your skin looks incredible". That woman was not just a random crazy person, she was also correct. And so I found myself thinking about said foundation recently and how it's no longer available over here (it is in the UK but that's another matter) and that surely YSL has a newer counterpart. Which they do. 
Behold, the Touche Éclat foundation

So, what's all the fuss with this one then? 
As per the brand itself; 
it's designed to mimic the effects of the beloved Touche Eclat highlighter and to achieve the same illuminating results but for the entire face. Shadowy areas are targeted, contours defined, imperfections concealed and the texture of the complexion is evened out. 

That sounds like some big promises but I agree with them all. I was surprised at how good the coverage is, given that it's a lightweight foundation. I was expecting that I'd require a lot of it for my entire face but at the most, I use two small pumps. I apply with either a flat brush or just my fingers if I'm feeling very lazy and lo and behold, my complexion immediately looks brighter and healthier, my dark under eye circles aren't as prominent and my skin tone overall looks more even. It also lasts well throughout the day and holds up throughout a 13 hour day at work (the ultimate test!) without a bother. Furthermore, it feels light on my face, almost as if I'm not even wearing foundation, which for a dry skin sufferer is a lovely sensation.

Apologies for the giant close up of my head.

At €40 this is not cheap but it is the very best foundation I've used in a long time and my face deserves it- I put it through enough, the least it should get is a little bit of luxury! 
To quote Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec; 

(new life manta)

Have you tried the YSL Touche Éclat foundation? Tempted?!


  1. this looks fantastic and you look amazing! i'm after a new foundation myself since beginning to suffer from dry skin. i was thinking either this one or a chanel one! i have to go get samples!

  2. Looks so beautiful! Love that it lasts through the day, need something like this! Also that is totally my mantra too!!

  3. Love YSL - so tempted! Love the mantra! Haha Siobhan xx

    1. To be honest, it's way too appropriate for me- I'm always finding a reason to "treat myself"! Hah ha ha! xx

  4. This is gorgeous on you - I'm a fan of the product too x

  5. Stunning Chloe, your skin is just fabulous. Havent tried this one, YET! x