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Sunday 21 December 2014

Irish Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa 2014: The Big Reveal!

I missed the deadline to take part in the Irish beauty bloggers secret santa last year so I made a point of signing up quick smart this year! Amazingly well organised by the lovely Aisling from Total Make Up Addict, there's over fifty bloggers involved this year and so we've all bought and sent a present we've picked out specifically for the blogger we were matched with. It had to be sent by the 5th of December and we're all revealing our gifts today! Yay! If that doesn't make everyone feel suitably festive, I don't know what will.

My present arrived in this very cute wrapping paper with a lovely card. I do so love a Christmas themed woodland animal. 

The first thing I saw once I had unwrapped was this fella. I've wanted one of these bags for ages now but hadn't actually found one I could buy anywhere so I'm absolutely thrilled with this. Turquoise is one of my all time favourite colours and if you know me at all or you read this blog then you'll understand that I love anything kitsch. If it has a cute animal face on it, then I want it and I'll most likely be wearing it shortly after seeing it. This has an across body strap which is an essential for me in a bag and is ridiculously adorable to boot. Look at his little ears! 

Inside the fox was a selection of Japanese BB creams and skin samples:

I can't wait to start using these, I haven't tried any of these brands and Asian cosmetics are something I want to get into this year.
Next up, there was; Missha- a full size Japanese BB cream, Catrice nail polish in Alluring Red, Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick lip balm and an Essence eyeliner pencil from the Christmas collection in Naughty Or Nice?:

I already have the nail polish on my toes (it's very festive), I'm planning an eye make up look with that pencil and I'm loving the BB cream- it provides an incredible finish to the skin (full review next year!). I'm mostly just staring at how pretty the lip balm is but I will also start using that too!

Lastly and amazingly, was this badge:

Best. Badge. Ever.

I have absolutely no idea who my secret Santa is as there was no name on the card so if you're reading this and it's you, please let me know in the comments and thank you so much- you've picked the most perfect gifts for me and I love them all!


  1. Super super presents... I'm so in love with that bag!

  2. Aw wow, the bag is so cute! Fab gifts, the samples are such a great way to find new things. HOW cute is the badge too! Great job Santa :)

  3. OMG this is the best one so far! They are gift I would love too! I wonder who your secret santa was? Kudos to them!

  4. Amazing gifts!! Definitely a shame you don't know whodunnit!! :P

  5. Hee hee hee it was me!!! Really was delighted to get you and so thrilled you loved everything😀😀

    1. Yav I knew it had to be you when I saw the Asian BB samples. That bag is so cute & very Chloe.

    2. Knew it was Yav too the minute I saw the Missha :) x

    3. I already said this on twitter but thanks so much Yav, I absolutely love everything!! xx

  6. I've been searching for one of those bags and can't find them anywhere, I love the colour you got too. Amazing pressies x

  7. That bag is super cute!! I have been loving Asian skincare lately too, Im sure you will love your samples x

  8. looks like you hit jackpot with this swap!! we'd love to see a fuller view on some of the products you've received, especially the bb cream!

    M + K

  9. Wow, what a great present! That bag is adorable