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Monday 1 December 2014

Get A Free Book!

How are yiz?! Want a new book but don't wan't to pay for it? I know, right- that's living the dream right there. 
To celebrate the publication of A Box Of Pleasures (a box set containing all four of best selling Irish author Evie Hunter's Pleasures series), you can get yourself a free digital copy of Evie's debut novel, The Pleasures Of Winter
I haven't read it myself yet but I have it in my to-be-read list (which is to date, painfully long). 

Big thanks to Penguin Ireland for this very kind offer; it's nice to get a little treat for yourself in the run up to Christmas, isn't it?


  1. This sounds great Chloe, I've sent off the e-mail so looking forward to reading The Pleasures Of Winter :-)

    I have a big list of books to read too, working my way through them bit by bit. Find it easier to read them on my Kindle, finished a Homeland book in a whole day on it! :-)