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Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Christmas Tag!

Apologies to all you Grinches out there but I unashamedly love Christmas and was delighted to see Amy from Red Lips Red Hair had tagged me in her Christmas post. So, here goes!

Our Lego Christmas card from last year.

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
What isn't my favourite, more to the point- am I right?! I love them all but in particular, I always re-watch Elf (I wrote a whole blog post about how great it is HERE), It's a Wonderful Life (poor old George Bailey, always brings a tear to my eye), Home Alone, A Muppet's Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim always makes me cry too..the little crutch, the weak frog-cough. Sniff), Love Actually, Die Hard (you heard me), Planes, Trains and Automobiles, I'll give Miracle on 34th Street a watch and then there's all the classic non-festive movies that are on at that time of year anyway; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz and endless other musicals. 


2. Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning. Sure Santa wouldn't have visited yet on Christmas eve. Pfft, that's just amateur hour, tag post.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I do! The time I woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve cause I heard a noise and my granny told me it was Santa's sleigh bells on the roof. I was ├╝ber excited! Midnight mass was always wonderful (even the actual mass part) and there was also the year that I asked for a Polly Pocket that was really popular and sold out everywhere- my mum and dad managed to get it but told me it was the magic of Santa and because of that I had another year believing that he existed. I still think that's really lovely. 

It could've been this one actually although I can't remember for sure. This was a princess PP. She had a castle, a throne, swans and a gazebo, a horse and carriage and amazingly, a hidden passageway (behind the suit of armour!). The pillars at the gate and the stars in the sky lit up too. Love. ( Image source.)

4. Favourite festive food
Well, everything really. Turkey and honey/clove baked ham, my mum's sage and onion stuffing (my sisters and I have been known to eat spoonfuls of it), roast potatoes, sprouts, honey roasted parsnips, trifle, mulled wine, baileys and brandy, and eh, a box of celebrations. 

5. Favourite Christmas gift
I loved my little plastic kitchen when I was small. It was called hamburger heaven and had a little oven and plastic foods. It instilled my love of fast food. Healthy. Obviously, the Polly pockets, I loved getting Lego and that doll head that you could practice hair and make up on. I think we all loved that one! These days himself always gets me lovely presents, I couldn't really pinpoint one in particular!

6.  Favourite Christmas scent?
The smell of a real tree. It's the best. I do love all of those cinnamon-y type scents as well so I usually light a few Yankee candles. I really want to try the Christmas Eve one they make but I'm not sure I can justify buying it for myself. Oh and mulled wine!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Mostly just wrapping presents and placing them under the tree and getting into snuggly new Christmas jammies and slippers! We don't necessarily build a gingerbread house on Christmas eve but it's become a tradition to make one every year. Here's myself and himself's first effort, back in the day, right up to last years one with my lovely sister in law:

8. What tops your tree?
A star, although growing up we had a battered looking Santa doll that sat on top, fairly crooked and always looked drunk.

9. As a kid what was the one extravagant gift you asked for but never got?
I genuinely don't remember asking for anything crazy. I'm sure I did though!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
Spending time with family, going for walks in the snow, how pretty everything looks all lit up, finding the perfect gifts for people, seeing friends, decorating the tree, and really just the general atmosphere. Everything seems a bit better at Christmas, doesn't it? It does though, it's the best. 

If you'd like to do the tag too, please do! I'd love to see your answers!
I'm tagging: 
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and Yvonne from One For the Wishlist.



  1. Die Hard is legit one of the best Christmas films ever. Great post!

  2. My sister had that Polly Pocket!!! Fab post, can't wait for Christmas :) The Yankee Christmas Eve candle is well worth getting, even in tart form, it's so lovely!

    1. I don't have a burner for the tarts but I've very tempted to get a jar!

  3. Yay Christmas! I'm in a super festive mood already but working in retail might beat it out of me! I saw Die Hard last year for a Christmas screening special in cinema, it was great.

    1. I LOVE going to Christmas screenings! We went to Elf there a couple of years back, so good for getting into the festive spirit!

  4. Great post - high time I gave Die Hard another viewing!