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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Clever Solutions From Boots For Surviving The Festive Season

You know the drill, you go into Boots to pick up some lemsip and a packet of those super soft balmy tissues to soothe your poor schnoz and while there you "treat" yourself to something pretty for when you're feeling better and out on the town. Well, it seems like the peeps at Boots have caught on to that particular shopping phenomenon and sent me a little festive season survival pack. You can't actually buy all of these things together (mores the pity) but this is just a taster of what to pop in your basket next time you're in. 

Firstly, the practical. 
If you're working and socialising whilst being out and about in the cold, teetering in high heels, you'll need the following:

Re-energise dispersable vitamins (€4.99 for 20). Lash one of these into a glass of water pre a night out or the morning after (uuurgh) and replete all your missing vitamins and minerals (including B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Folic acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc). This won't prevent some wagon sneezing all over you on the Luas but it will help boost your immune system and may help keep that nasty cold at bay.
Speaking of which, the Cold & Flu Defence Nasal Spray (€8.99) is a great option for those of us prone to colds and sinusitis. One spray "traps and disperses viruses...stops cold & flu taking hold". Hurrah!
If you will be doing the afore-mentioned stumbling-in-stilettos this Christmas then you'll need these comforting Blister Plasters (€5.49 for 5). Truth be told, I've never bought the Boots own brand of these particular plasters before but these are cheaper than other brands on the market and do the same job. Regular plasters do nothing for protecting your heels from the friction of wearing uncomfortable shoes all night, whereas these guys provide an actual barrier against your skin and won't peel or come loose. Little feet miracles!
Other health heroes for the festive season you can pick up alongside your toothbrush include; Boots Skin, Hair and Nails Capsules (€7.99 for 30), Boots Irritated Eye Drops (€4.52) and Boots Anti-Blister Stick (prevents blisters before they even appear, €4.99).

The lighting is a bit bright here, in reality the lipstick and the polish are a wee bit darker.

Make up wise, it's all about a bit of drama, so you'll need some glamorous eyes. 
New No7 Midnight Lash Mascara (€17.50) has an unusual shaped brush to add volume and then tapers off so that you can get all the smaller lashes as well. The formula of the mascara itself is designed to prevent clumping and provide a rich, black pigment. Also, look at that there purdy packaging. So glittery.

With that there's the Limited edition No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define in Precious (€10.60). This is a highly pigmented cream shadow stick to provide a golden shimmer across the eyelid. Once on, this won't budge. Believe me, I've tried! If you're not a big fan of gold eyeshadow on it's own, I suggest using this as a base for brown smokey shadows, use in the corner of the eye as a highlight shade or use it as an eyeliner against a liquid black flick- it'll look dramatic and very cool.

To compliment your sparkling eyes, there's Seventeen Stay Pout Lipsticks (€5.69). I have Rule Breaker, a rich, dark berry. This is one of those perfect Winter shades and not too dissimilar to MAC Rebel, one of my all time favourite lipsticks.

Lastly, for nails there's a new shade from No7 Gel Look Nail Colour in Persian Blue. This is a beautiful cobalt- the best way to wear blue on your nails in the Winter months. There's also a limited edition in exquisite gold which looks super sparkly.

Apologies that I'm not actually wearing the polish in the picture. Sure that'd be far too organised altogether. Again, the photo is making it look paler than it is.
Cream shadow stick in Precious and Stay Put Lipstick in Rule Breaker.

Those No7 suggestions are actually really handy too for when you've got a No7 voucher to spend, so bear these in mind and there's a 3 for 2 across make up ranges in Boots at the minute!

What are your fail safe buys to get you through the colder months?


  1. Oohh I really needed this post! I'm always lost on what I need during the Winter and my body always suffers as a result!

    1. I'm dosing myself up on vitamin c atm, those dispersible tablets are the business!