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Monday 7 April 2014

Spring Wishlist

This time of year basically means pastels for me so that check coat from Topshop is top of the wish list at the moment. It looks beautiful but as I haven't seen it in real life it could still be horribly disappointing..I don't always have the best luck with oversized coats. I have high hopes for this one though! 
Dior make my favourite perfumes and I've lately fallen a bit for Miss Dior, a beautifully pretty floral fragrance, perfect for Spring/Summer. 
I love, love, love the look of these cut-out shoes from Zara, super Summery and they'd go with loads. 
Equally lovely is the very cute daisy bag there from Acessorize. The want is strong for that one, I tell ya. 
Make-up wise, I have my eye firmly on that blush palette from TheBalm, the Naked 3 palette (still!) and that gorgeous pinky/purple polish from Essie

Spring pastels

What's making your wishlist at the moment? Are you all about the pastels too?


  1. I spotted that daisy bag, really want it too!

  2. that bag is gorgeous!! I am all about pastels in spring/summer (isn't everyone?!) but I probably have enough bought since I dont wear them unless its actually warm...

  3. I love everything on your list!! I've been eying up these shoes from Zara for ages now, they are stunning!!

    1. They're so fab! Really need to get to a Zara to try them on!

  4. *sharp intake of breath* oh god, would you LOOK at that bag! I'm off to goo at their site now x

  5. Yup, Spring = pastels and florals in my world. I did a wee 'Spring wish list post' too (I guess it's that time of the year).