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Thursday 17 April 2014

Ciate Summer Pastels

I actually got these four in my Ciate advent calendar at Christmas but really these are far better suited for this time of year. Good weather, blue skies and sunshine make me gravitate towards pastels and these are my current favourite for nails:

Ciate Pastels

From left to right; Pepperminty, a perfect pastel mint, Sugar Plum, a creamy lilac, Ferris Wheel, a powdery duck-egg blue and Amazing Gracie, a flattering pale pink.

I recently wore Ferris Wheel and could not stop looking at my own nails. I know, tragic but I adore pastels and that blue is just gorgeous. These are all super easy to apply, needing two to three coats and then last a good week before chips appear (with a decent top coat). 

ciate pastels

Next up I'll be going for Sugar Plum! Or potentially a mixture of all four for an Easter theme!

You can buy a similar set of pastels from Ciate at the moment, from Arnotts and selected pharmacies nationwide: 

Yeah, let's all take a moment to swoon at that packaging..
And we're done!
What's on your own nails at the moment? Rocking any pastels?


  1. I was going to buy these polishes but didn't because I just have way too many. But looking at these here I really think I need them! ;) the dolls house is just too cute & the shades of the polishes are gorgeous!!!


    1. I think Ciate do pastels really well so they're worth picking up!

  2. What a pretty little line-up Chloe xo

  3. Gorgeous shades Chloe I'm in love with pastels at the moment!

  4. I love Ferris Wheel and Amazing Gracie, gorgeous colours!

  5. I love these shades! So pretty!

  6. Very pretty shades, I was only saying that I needed some new pastel polishes in my life!

  7. Lovely! Are they nice and thick? I've been wearing pastely shades for spring but some of them don't cover that well. They don't look that great unless they're a nice even coat.

    1. The pink is a little bit thin but the rest are fairly thick alright!