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Monday 10 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Himself and I tend not to celebrate Valentine's Day. We have in the past of course but now we have a wedding anniversary, we tend to put all the effort into that and forget about V day, which let's face it, is a crass marketing ploy thought up by soulless greetings card makers...or something along those angst-ridden lines. 
If however you're a fan of hearts, flowers and all things romance, then look no further as I've gone and compiled a list of some rather lovely items which you may like to receive yourself on the 14th. I would suggest leaving this open on your computer for your loved one to see, or if like me, you have no shame, you could just be brazen and show it to them altogether. 
Either way, you get THINGS.  Pretty things:

Valentine's Day gifts

1) Heart Mug

€8.00, Cath Kidston. They also have a matching "sandwich plate" if your beloved happens to be very fond of an old toasted special, as I tend to be myself.

2) Anatomical Heart Card
€3.39, Etsy. The "You are here" just gets me!

3) Vintage Orb Locket Necklace
€23.08, Not on the high As well as just being a beautiful piece of jewellery, with this you can also personalise it by adding your own customised message to the inside of the locket. Such a lovely idea.

4) Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Blush
€36.52, Asos. Look, I think this is ridiculously overpriced but I said I'd pop it in as it's so very Valentine's appropriate.

I couldn't find this exact one online but here's a similar one from eBay for only a few pounds. I've also seen these in real life in New Look and Accessorize. 

6) Crochet Boot Cuffs
€16.58, Etsy.

7) LuLu Guinness Lips Clutch in Red.
Alright, so it's €344.13, which is fairly excessive for a Valentine's present but we can all dream, eh?

8) You're My Person Card
€3.39, Etsy.

Do you shun Valentine's day and its forced romantic ways or are you secretly really looking forward to it? If so, are any of these interesting you?


  1. I love all of these!!! The headphone splitters are so cute!!

    alex @

    1. Aren't they dotey?! Totally unnecessary but very cute nonetheless! x

  2. Aw so cute! We tend to just go for a nice dinner instead of gifts but I'm such a sucker for all the cutesy things I tend to cave x

    1. I know, I'm the same! I love anything heart shaped so it's a dangerous time of year for my bank balance! ;) x

  3. I don't like the idea of Valentines Day but I do get sucked in by the pretty things! The too faced blush looks gorgeous!!

    1. I know sure, I'm the same! I won't actually do anything for the day but enjoy looking at all this stuff! :)

  4. Myself and my boyfriend decided not to do Valentine's Day this year because we're going to New York in April... Altho I think I might break it and buy him something sneaky!! I love the little boot cuffs! :)

    1. They're very cute aren't they? Ooh, New York, fantastic!!

  5. The locket is really pretty, I wouldn't mind receiving that.