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Monday 3 February 2014

Wet n Wild Review & Swatches!

If you've been anywhere near twitter or facebook over the last couple of weeks you'll have spotted that famed American brand Wet n Wild have made their way over to our Irish shores. I was lucky enough to attend the launch in Dublin last week where I was treated to some of the brand's bestsellers to try out for myself. In my gift bag were:

Wet n Wild
  • The Coverall Concealer Palette, €4.49.
  • Color Icon Eye Liner, €1.99.
  • Mega Protein Mascara, €3.19.
  • Megalast Salon Nail Colour, €2.99.
Wet n Wild coverall concealer palette

Coverall Concealer Palette
The deal with this is that it contains four sections to cover all skin sins. Pink to brighten your overall complexion, green to neutralise and reduce redness, a frost to act as a highlight and nude to cover and lighten dark spots. This is a little bit hit and miss for me; I've been really getting into highlighters lately so I'm liking this one, even though for me it's probably a bit too bright. To counteract that I just use small dots and blend well. The pink is actually close enough to my own skin tone so I'm using that for under my eyes. I tend not to get red areas on my face so I haven't really needed the green section and for me, the "nude" shade is just way too dark. If you have a darker skin tone than mine or you tend to wear tan a lot then this could work well for you however.

Wet n Wild nail polish

Megalast Salon Nail Colour
Wet n Wild are well known for their nail polishes. I got the shade Candy-licious, a beautiful bright pink. This is two coats but one coat would actually have sufficed. The formula is fantastic, easy to apply, glossy and there's a great range of shades available so I'll definitely be picking up some more of these. 

Wet n Wild mascara

Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner
This is a standard black kohl, softer than I expected it to be when I applied it and really pigmented. For that price too, you really can't go wrong! Just look at how much product you get too!

Mega Protein Mascara
Containing soy and wheat proteins, acai oil and D-panthenol to help protect, strengthen and nourish your lashes and make them look fuller and thicker. My only issue with this is that it took longer than expected to dry; I ended up with wet mascara around my eyes (as you can see in the photo!). This might be less of an issue after a couple of weeks use though. For me, this is a great daytime mascara, I generally like a bit more drama for night time but this is perfect for a more natural look.

Wet n Wild mascara

I'm wearing both the eyeliner and mascara in the above photo. 

Have you tried any Wet n Wild yet? Interested in any of this lot?


  1. I have to get myself some goodies, but I do love their polishes!

  2. That nail colour is really pretty!

  3. I have that same nail polish, it's gorgeous! I'm going to go in and pick up some more summery colours this week!

  4. It sounds really random, but I'm usually the one buying black eyeliner for Boyfriend, and usually I get him the Rimmer waterproof, but because he goes through them so quickly I've been looking for an alternative that's just as pigmented but without the rigmarole for the waterproof. That Wet n Wild kohl looks just the ticket! ... and while I'm there I may as well pick up the mascara :P

    1. Mmm... boys in make up, takes me back to the good old days!

  5. The nail polish is such a lovely colour! Was tempted by the concealer palette but seeing this I think I'll give it a miss! Loving the lipsticks and the eyeshadows though! :)

  6. The Megalast Salon Nail Colour looks great, might check it out the next time I'm in town. :-)

  7. That nail varnish is a lovely colour, perfect for spring!

    Hopefully the mascara will dry out a bit, I hate mascara that too wet for too long after you've applied it. And my first reaction upon seeing the concealer was 'holy crap that nude is very dark!'