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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Warehouse Spring Collection is Lust-Worthy!

January is a horrible month though, isn't it? Saving the pennies, the weather is still bleak but with no more Christmas to look forward to. So then, a shot of colour in the form of the new Spring collections are just what the doctor (or the eh, nurse..ahem) ordered. I quite like high street store Warehouse because they produce well made clothing made from good quality materials at somewhat reasonable prices (I woudn't be buying from them all the time but they're nice as an odd treat. Otherwise, it's Penneys all the way!).
Here are my picks from the new Spring range, which features lots of muted florals, pastels, fine knits, oversized coats, bright yellows and roll-up jeans:

I really love yellow, generally I think mustard is a better shade for me skin-tone wise but I'm really drawn to this jumper, even though it's fairly neon. Luckily, various shades of yellow seem to be in for Spring so there's probably a shade to suit everyone.

Apparently there's flecks of neon running through the tweed in this, which is why it's not particularly visible in this photo. I love tweed and I'm really digging the oversized coats that are around at the moment.

Again, big fan of this colour and the shape of this dress is stylish and classic.
While I love florals, they can often be hard enough to wear throughout the year but I think this would work equally well in Summer with a pair of sparkly flats and in Winter with black tights and boots.
This light weight knit in a neutral shade will be perfect for that transition from the bitter cold to (hopefully) warmer weather and I also love those jeans.
This pansy print is gorgeous; pretty and fun and because of the colours it can again be worn with bare legs or black tights.

Anything catching your eye?


  1. I love the play suit on the end x

  2. Warehouse is a favourite of mine too for the odd treat - love that yellow jumper!