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Friday 3 January 2014

Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar | Review

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook then you'll have spotted my daily updates of my Ciate Advent calendar. I'd never tried a beauty calendar before but filled with the joys of Christmas this year and having a gift voucher made it much easier to go for it and to afford the €55 euro price tag. 
Containing 24 days worth of surprise nail polishes (19 mini 5ml polishes, 2 exclusive mini caviar blends, 2 mini glitter/sequins and 1 full size polish 13.5ml) this really was a lovely treat to wake up to every day and made the run up to Christmas even more special. Having a mini gift to open every day will do that, unsurprisingly!

I also loved the little quotes on the inside of each door, which I thought was a nice touch. There were two days where I felt the colours were very similar but other than that I was very pleased with the selection; glitters (my weakness), pastels and reds, all very much my type of thing.
I'm not a big fan of caviar blends and so I haven't even tried those but an unwanted two out of 24 isn't bad at all. Of the ones I have tried, application was good, the polish was chip-free for a week and the colours all looked beautifully glossy on the nail. These are well worth their price tag!

Would I get it next year? For sure! If there's a whole new range of shades (no point in getting the same ones again obviously!) and I can afford it/if some kind benefactor were to give me another gift voucher, then I'll be all over that! 

Did you get a beauty calendar this year? If so, what were your thoughts; gimmick or genius?!


  1. I didn't get the ciate one this year purely because I have so many nail polishes, it would be a waste. I can not even finish the ones I have at the moment so I was trying to be good :) I much prefer beauty calendars to chocolate ones these days though :) They're a fab idea, I think!

    1. Yeah, i think I'll go for the body Shop one next year ;)