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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (with bonus glitter)

So obviously I have a slight (ahem) nail polish addiction, that said I had somehow managed to never try Sally Hansen's complete Salon Manicure polishes before.
Fear not though, I managed to get my hands on the two shades below, and I am in love with them!
To be honest I'm not sure I'll even bother with Chanel or any other expensive brand from now on (clearly that's not going to happen but lets humour me) because these are such good quality and so much more reasonably priced- they apply like a dream, two coats and they're opaque and wearability is so impressive. Plus, look at the colours! Pretty.

                                 This is Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang!:

This is Commander in Chic:

I then had a bit of a glitter craving and I kept mentally putting Commander in Chic together with gold for some reason (I later figured out I had been inspired by this wedding mani on Lyndar the Merciless and somehow retained the information subconsciously..I'm weird like that) so I popped a gold glitter gradient on, first using Topshop's Heart of Gold, followed by a Barry M gold glitter.

I really like the contrast of the grey and the gold together- it's almost like it's bridging the gap between Autumn and Christmas. On that note, now that it's November and I can officially celebrate Christmas, so brace yourselves for lots more glittery nails between now and then! I also bought Christmas cookie cutters last week, so am very excited to start baking and get into the Christmassy spirit! Huzzah!


  1. Love it! They have a LOT of Sally Hansen in Dealz right now. It might be worth a look if you're a fan? Great post as always Hun xx

    1. Thank you hun, that's so nice of you. God I must check that out, I'm always hearing great things about Dealz but somehow have never been there! xx

  2. Love the gradient nails, I would never have thought of pairing grey and gold... I'm gonna have a rummage through my stash to tonight!

    Like you, I had never tried Sally Hensen polishes before, so I picked up Pedal To The Metal. In the bottle it looks lovely, but even after three costs it's still not opaque enough. I usually put a darker colour over it and use it as a wash. Works pretty well that way, but not for the price!


    1. Really? Oh that's a shame. To be honest, I have read a few other reviews about how different shades from the brand can be really light and streaky whereas others are fully opaque after two coats. I think I was probably just lucky with these particular shades. There's a red/coral one I had my eye on but didn't buy that I'm considering picking up, but I'm not sure I can justify buying another red polish! xx