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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Some of you may find yourselves celebrating today with barm brack (and the annual fight to the death for the golden ring), copious amounts of sweets, scary movies or books, getting stupidly excited every time the doorbell rings in the hope that there'll be cute little 'uns trick or treating, trying to carve a pumpkin and failing miserably, getting pelted with eggs by scumbags (particularly if you happen to be from Limerick), or in fancy dress while trying to explain your obscure costume to some drunkard you've had the misfortune to end up talking to in a nightclub (I refer you to the year I dressed up as a Freudian Slip..not the easiest to explain to your average randomer).
I may or may not be celebrating with a combination of the above. However you're spending the day, hope you enjoy it! For now, here's a cute hedgehog dressed as Dracula.

Just cause.


  1. Adorable photo! Happy Halloween xo

  2. Oh my god that picture is sooo cute!! SO CUTE!

    1. Isn't he dotey!! Don't know how they got the costume on without hurting themselves on his little spikes though!x

  3. omg such a cute picture!! Happy Halloween hun :D