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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Nima Brushes: An Irish Brand That You NEED In Your Make Up Bag

A couple of months back I was sent brushes from two different NIMA Brush Collections to put to the test. Before I got into make up properly (late teens I guess...dark times) I thought using brushes to apply make up was mere faffing but having seen the difference it makes to the finished look, I'll never go back. 
A little bit about the brand; NIMA Brush is an Irish cosmetic brush company specialising in brushes manufactured using the most natural fibres and strongest brush ferrules (the part that holds the bristles in the brush). Their aim is to supply specialised brush sets to professionals and non professionals alike at a price to suit everyone's budget.

Make up brush heroes!

I actually almost didn't want to sully them by using them..look how beautiful they are!! (heart eyed emoji time)

There's twenty pieces in the Artistic Collection, of which I have five.  
You can buy the compete collection for €154.99 or you can pick and choose which brushes you want yourself as they are also priced individually.

First up is The Georgie. This is an angled face foundation brush and can be used obviously for foundation or other cream products (this would be particularly good for those cultivating a Kim Kardashian look- it's a good'un for cream contouring). I use it just for foundation and really like it. At first it felt almost too hard (I know, that's what she said) but after I used it a bit it's just right. I tested it using a new foundation versus just my fingers and then a foundation brush from another brand and this provided the best results. Impressed. This is priced at €16.

The Erin is fan brush priced at €10. I use it either to apply powder lightly overall or to remove fallen eyeshadow from under my eyes. Other uses include: a sweep of blush, highlighting above cheekbones or shading below cheekbones (again, contouring ahoy!)

The Blaithín is a precision blush brush and comes in at €16. I naturally enough use this for blush- it's super soft and allows you to apply blush specifically where you want it- i.e on the apples of your cheeks, rather than all over your face like with some larger brushes can. You can also use the tip of the brush for highlighting if you're that way inclined.

The Lady is a stubby tapered eye brush and the Kate is a lip brush. These are €9 and €10 respectively. Truth be told, I have used neither of these because I've been obsessed with the eye brushes I was sent (below) so this little one didn't get a look in (see what I did there?!) and I never use lip brushes. I know, it's pure laziness but I can't change the habit of a lifetime. That's not to say these aren't lovely brushes, I will use them when the situation arises but I guess for now it's important to know that there's a brush in the Artistic Collection for everything.

This is the Elite Collection Eye Detail set that I mentioned above and is priced from €30. Included is a Large Shader to apply a base shadow (also great for those with larger eyes), a Small Shader/Smudge brush (I use this for smudging the eyeshadow under my eyes- it's great because of how precise it is so it doesn't go everywhere, just where I want it), a Crease Blender brush (does what it says on the tin but is also nice and soft so it's good for blending), a Bent Eyeliner brush to help you get your gel or liquid liner right into the inner corner of the eye which can be notoriously difficult to reach and lastly, an Angled Brow Brush for a perfectly tapered brow or for creating an eyeliner flick. 

Look it, I'm not a make up artist but I can get my own make up as close to perfection as possible with the correct brushes. These are absolutely ideal for make up fanatics and newbies alike- you can pay as much or as little for make up itself as you want but if you have the right tools to get it on your face then that's half the battle! It's also important to mention that these wash really well, you hear horror stories of other brush brands that fall apart after a few washes, but not these. They're also very aesthetically pleasing (not to be too superficial there). 

Find out more about NIMA brush HERE, you can shop by brush type, collection or set so there's something for every price range.

Do you own any NIMA's? Any others I need in my collection?


  1. These sound great! Good to support an Irish brand too, will have to get some! xx

    1. They're such good quality, definitely a must buy! xx


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