Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fancy new ways of drinking tea

Whilst on Honeymoon we had tea in lots of fancy ways..

Afternoon tea (yes, we ate all of that..and it was amazing):

Bone china tea cups and saucers:

And in super fancy Jane Austen stylee surroundings:

So when we got home, having tea in regular boring mugs was a bit, well, boring. Luckily we recieved these little beauties as presents:

The very pretty robin mugs are from Avoca and the set of four bone china mugs at the bottom are from Cath Kidston (which is lucky, as they'll go nicely with everything else I own).
I also picked up this lovely tea cup, saucer and biscuit plate from Marks and Spencers:

So pretty. All of the above happily house these new teas I got, also from M & S:

I can highly recommend the white tea and raspberry..mmm. May have a cup now actually..If someone would like to provide me with a selection of sandwiches and little cakes to go with it, that'd be great!


  1. Awww, so fancy! I love your Cath Kidson cups, the birdies are very sweet too.
    If you like tea you should drop into Wall and Keogh's in Portobello, they have an amazing selection! x

    1. Ooh, I'll check that out, thanks for the tip! Xx

  2. I love tea! My all time favorite is Twinings' Lady Grey Tea. I drink it as is without any milk.

  3. That's my favourite too! Definitely without milk, sometimes I take it with lemon too :)