Sunday, 12 August 2012

Things I forgot to bring on Honeymoon..

So, we had an amazing wedding and after dancing into the wee hours on the actual night, followed by a fabulous family party the night after, my brain was slightly fried.
Hence, I decided against packing the day before we were to leave for our Honeymoon.
That was my first mistake.
Generally I'm quite an organised person, I make lists and tick each thing off until I can sleep soundly knowing whatever it is is done. This time I was so tired that I fell into bed, woke up late the next day and somehow forgot that I had actually bothered to make a list at about midnight the night before. Second mistake.
We arrived at our first destination and it dawned on me (while staring blankly into my suitcase) that I had brought literally no appropriate clothing or footwear for any of the places we were going to. Case in point- I brought a the WEST OF IRELAND. Useful.
Clothing aside, it also occurred to me that I had brought no decent toiletries. How did this even happen? My bathroom is fit to burst at the seams. I blame bride brain.
Anyway, I made poor Hubster stop at two separate pharmacies until I found everything I needed. Here they are in no particular order:

1) I'm not really a fake tan person. Don't get me wrong, I love the difference fake tan makes when I use it, I just generally can't be arsed with all the preparation, then applying it, maintaining it, the constant fear of it staining your clothes or running down your arms when it rains (this happened to a friend of mine..secretly hilarious for me, not so much for her) so I was unprepared for the horrors of my spray tan wearing off while I was supposed to be looking all glamorous and newly-wed. What actually happened was that I looked like I had contracted leprosy and Hubster was some kind benefactor who was bringing me on a charity holiday before my limbs had a chance to fall off. Not a good look, I find. So naturally what with being completely unprepared, I had forgotten to bring any scrubbing device. Hence that white scrubby thing and a bottle of Inecto Pure Coconut exfoliating body scrub for the princely sum of 3.99. This smells great, it has a load of coconut oil in it so it left my skin really soft and the little exfoliating beads combined with said scrubby thing did a great job of removing the worst of the tan remains. But then I missed the tan..

2) So I picked up a bottle of Dove Summer glow for 5.99 (it's way cheaper in the likes of Boots and Tescos..damn you random Lahinch pharmacy!). This is pretty much the only daily tanner I'll use, I find it really moisturising, it doesn't reek to high heaven and it leaves a nice natural glow, completely streak free. Yay!

3) My legs were a disaster and for some reason the patchy tan areas there would not shift. Of course, I hadn't remembered to bring sheer tights (sure why would I when I thought a bikini and a pair of flip flops were the way to go), so I found these Marie Claire ones, which I've used before and are excellent. They look quite natural and tend not to ladder easily. Randomly, the pharmacy gave me a pair of priest-black-socks for free as I bought two packets of the tights. Unusual.

4) My make up artist for the wedding used single lashes with some sort of NASA strength glue so they actually stayed put until about two days into the honeymoon (one side started to fall out first so I looked like I was constantly winking at people with that eye..attractive). My God, did I love those lashes. They just made everything look better- my make up looked great, they weren't uncomfortable and I didn't have the hassle of taking them off and on again like strip lashes. I mourned their loss (briefly). So I bought these false ones, which I actually ended up not using cause I couldn't be bothered trying to apply them after the ease of the other ones. I'm considering eyelash extensions, but am fearful of the constant upkeep they require.
And yes, I'm aware of how incredibly lazy I sound.

5) I forgot to bring my curling tongs, which I pretty much always bring away places with me as I think curls are a nice alternative for a night out. Obviously, it would've been far too handy to pack it this time so instead I lashed a packet of these self grip velcro rollers into my basket. Why I thought this would be a good idea, I don't know. I've never had any success with velcro rollers. Nor will I ever, apparently. Basically I put them in, Hubster thought it looked hilarious, I took them out some time later (after briefly doing a comedy impression of a pub landlady from Coronation St, imaginary fag in hand) to no result other then some minor flicking at the ends (which looked HORRENDOUS by the by). Fail.

Not pictured is the sun lotion I forgot to bring (strange, considering I was optimistic enough to bring the aforementioned bikini and flip flops) and the nasal wash out kit (you're welcome for the delightful mental image) I also bought but ended up not using as my sinusitis cleared on it's own, thankfully.
So to recap- nasal wash outs, patchy tan resembling lesions, one baldy lashed eyelid, and disastrous velcro rollers. I think we can all agree that I am glamour personified.


  1. Aww congrats on the wedding, well done on the hubster getting all the bits you needed in a hurry!:)

    1. Aw thank you! We had such a great day and honeymoon. I'll have a post on wedding stuff soon!xx