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Friday, 17 August 2012

Spendy McSpenderson is officially my new name..

So yeah, we got home from the old Honeymoon and went for coffee with friends who've just had a baby, which was lovely. You would think that experience would rub off on me (perhaps through osmosis) and that I would become more responsible somehow (unlikely as I'm around new born babies all the time in work anyway)'d be wrong. After coffee, Hubster and I irresponsibly went shopping! Yay! (probably not Hubster's mental reaction in fairness. I did have vouchers I had to use up though, so don't judge me too harshly!). These are the spoils of said shopping trip:

You know when you find the exact item you're looking for, directly in front of you when you enter a shop, try it on and it's perfect? That's what happened here. I like to think the Gods of Shopping were smiling upon me when I found this blazer. It's from Topshop, rolled up sleeves (but not in a Miami Vice kinda way), black with a pale pink lining, perfect fit and it has pockets. Good times.

Isn't this key print scarf amazing?! It's really long too which is great and is neutral enough in colour that it goes with most things. The necklace is a mixture of 3 chunky gold chains, with pearls. It also goes quite well with most things as it's quite casual but still adds something to an outfit. Both of these are from Carousel on Exchequer St, although the necklace is made by people called "Coco Banana", which left me singing "Copacabana" for days afterwards..and now it's in your head too.

This necklace (cause I really needed to buy a second one) is from Monsoon. I was actually looking for the matching bracelet to this, which I had seen a friend of mine wearing, but they were sold out, so I bought this little lovely instead. Pretty.

Clearly I felt my left hand wasn't blingy enough so I counteracted that by getting this amazing sparkly bunny ring, again, from Monsoon. Very cute.
On the same day I also picked up the Chanel illusion D'Ombre shadow in Abstraction, which you can read about here and the Clarins 3 dot liner, which I'll review once I've used it a couple more times. A great day for shopping, topped off by a huge burger, chips and a banana malt (which I'm clutching for dear life there in the bunny ring photo). 
Nom nom nom.
P.s The following day I bought a load of nail polishes in the pharmacy when I was "buying nurofen" (I actually was buying nurofen but my primary goal was to find a particular Sally Hansen shade, which I did, amongst others. So expect a post in the not too distant future on that! Hurrah!)


  1. You can't beat a black blazer and I was eyeing up that bunny ring myself, must get it looks great on!

    1. It's so cute isn't it?! I'm a sucker for anything with a bit of a novelty factor though! :-)

  2. That jacket is amazing, I love it. And your engagement and wedding rings are so similar to mine - so obviously I love those, too! xo