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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mascaras! Rimmel, YSL, Bourjois and Benefit.

This post is a little compilation of my 4 most recently used mascaras- two high end, two drugstore brands. Two of them are currently in use but I held onto the other two in order to share my thoughts!

Benefit's They're Real, Bourjois Volume Glamour Max, Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils and Rimmel Volumeflash Scandaleyes. 
1) Benefit's They're Real, 25.05 euro on A black mascara which supposedly "lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts and separates lashes...using an exclusive brush with precision bristles ...revealing lashes you never knew you had!

Hmm. While I agree in principle that this definitely adds to the appearance of lashes, I feel like this is achieved more through the tar-like formula rather than through the actual brush itself. Speaking of which, I found the brush really hard and uncomfortable to use. Plus if you wanted to refresh your make up after a days wear and went to throw on an extra coat-good luck to you with that. Once this is on and dry there's no adding to it or, really taking away. Cause that's the other thing- this takes lots of make up remover to get it off, something I began to find a bit tedious after just a few weeks of use. As aforementioned in a previous blog post, this has the tendency to make you look like the Joker when a bit of make up remover is applied. It did last me ages though and it made my lashes look more substantial, in fairness to it. I won't be repurchasing though, price and inconvenience of removal make it a big no for me.

2) Bourjois Volume Glamour Max in black. I like Bourjois mascaras. This set me back 13.20 euro and is the one I'm currently using for daytime. I really only got this cause it was on offer with something else but I have had good experiences with Bourjois mascaras so I said I'd give it a lash (see what I did there?!)

This is grand (such enthusiasm). It doesn't do a huge amount if I'm honest, other than add a little extra definition to the lashes, but nothing spectacular. I won't be repurchasing purely because I think 13.20 is a bit much to spend on something that doesn't really do a whole lot. From now on I'll take that 13.20 and add it to my YSL fund...

3) Speaking of same, this is YSL's Effet Faux Cils mascara in black, yet again. I love this one. A bit more costasach at around 23 sterling (ouch) on the HOF website but this one is actually worth the spend. 

I love this. Unlike Benefit's offering, the brush on this adds volume and lifts the lashes without resorting to the infliction of pain. Yeah, it is obviously more expensive but sometimes it's worth spending a bit extra for a good quality product. This is about my third time rebuying this and I'll certainly be getting it again when it runs out (HTB just picked me up a new one in the duty free with some other pretty things..more on that in another post).

4) Rimmel's Volumeflash Scandaleyes. That's the ridiculously bright orange one in the above photo, just in case you missed it, which is unlikely. 

I got this one on special offer too so luckily it didn't actually cost that much, although I can't for the life of me remember how much it was. Apologies. Look at the big mad brush on it. Terrified so I was to put this near my eyes. When I did use it it pretty much did nothing. All that neon and massive brush fibres for nothing. Disappointing.

Anyone else tried any of these? 


  1. Ysl shocking is on my list this weekend. Great post missus. I'd love to see one on your planned wedding makeup x

    1. Oh I could definitely do that! I took a photo after my make up trial and I bought a few of the bits she used! Great suggestion, thanks hun!xx

  2. I love the Borjois one!!! I won it from Marian on Highlife of Mars, and its my fave so far...

    1. I really like 2 of the other Bourjois ones but I just didn't get along with this one for some reason!