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Monday, 3 September 2018

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

These have been my personal favourite beauty product over the last month. They've been out since May but as is typical with me, I'm slow to getting around to becoming fanatical about a product and then feeling the need to write about it. These are pure beauts to apply; smooth, richly pigmented, matte, but not drying. 

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

In short, these are the perfect Autumnal lipstick. I know what you're about to say, "but Chloe, isn't this just you being obsessed with Autumn?" and yes, you have a point, but actually these have everything you need for this time of year; firstly colour- russets, warm nudes, corals (there's ten shades in the range), presented in a perfect soft matte. 

A matte that's slightly blurred around the edges, like you've had your lips around one too many cups of pumpkin spiced latte (that sentence could have gone in a very different direction. I know you were thinking it too. Durtbirds.) 

To add to it's perfectness, Clarins have mixed in organic samphire to hydrate and apricot oil so your lips are softer, rather than bedraggled, as mattes usually leave them in colder weather. 

Wearing Soft Berry in both of theses selfies. Going full Liz McDonald on the left- ready for a night out/serving Hot Pots. Glasses, hair tied back and a jumper on the right. It's a very versatile lipstick, is what I'm saying. 

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

You may want to buy more than one lipstick but you'll technically only need one. And that lipstick is, Soft Berry (below photo on the right). I've been wearing this with a luminous It Cosmetics CC Cream base, warm copper eyeshadow and a dusky rose blush from Bourjois
It's Autumn in a face, baby! 

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

Having said that, I'll also happily be wearing the other shades I have; Grenadine (a slightly darker pink but still really wearable for daytime as it has a bit of brown in there), Pink Cranberry (a brighter pink, slightly more in your face. I often feel pinks like this don't suit me that well but I can for sure see its appeal), and Joli Rouge itself (a very flattering shade of red that you'll want to wear all the way through Christmas...I'm sorry but it's September, I'm surely allowed say it now?!).

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

You can find these anywhere there's a Clarins counter, but here's a link to them on Brown Thomas, nonetheless. They're €24 each, but the cost per wear makes them excellent value!

Have you tried any of the Joli Rouge Velvets? If not, why not?! I jest! 
Let me know what your favourite Autumnal lipstick is!

*Products in this post were provided for review. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own, as always. 

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