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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Sephora Hauling (European Edition)

Great news! Both Copenhagen and Malmö have Sephora! Stockholm does too but I didn't check that one out. I have a rule; if I find a Sephora on holidays, I must find products we don't have at home, and I must purchase those products. It's an imperative really. 
Scandinavian Sephora had lots of brands we have here, including some fancy ones we don't; mostly the Sephora own brand and lots of very cool K Beauty. 

These lipsticks are from the Sephora own brand, they're called Lipstories. The packaging on these are what sells them; each has a theme that matches the shade in the bullet. The outer tube is a firm card while the case the lipstick is in is plastic, it kind of reminds me of Paul & Joe. Anyway, they combine three finishes; matte, metallic and satin. These both have a satin, cream finish but give the full on colour of a matte. I really like these- I bought the red in Copenhagen, wore it and had to get another shade in Malmö. No. 24 Deep Water Bay is a classic blue toned red, so it's flattering on, while No. 3 Oui! is a nude/pink. My go-to nude is Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk, and this is similar but with slightly more brown in the mix, which is still really lovely on. 

I'd heard a little bit about Nudestix, an American brand of multi-use make-up crayons. These are their Nudies (I'll take this opportunity to advise you not to type either "nudestix" or "nudies" into google); an all over face crayon that you can use on your eyes, lips and cheeks. 
I got Bare Back (don't type that in either), a mauvey/pink that looks natural and really flattering on. I find it a bit too pink on my eyes on it's own but it's perfect as a blush and lip colour. There's a little stippling brush at the other end of the tube, which is really handy for travel but I always find these a bit weird in make up products as they can be hard to clean. You can also just blend the crayon out with your fingers. 

I've wanted to try Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince for a while. I enjoy a gimmick, I just didn't want to spend the money on a full size when there was a chance it could be a lip balm in fancy packaging, so I got the mini version in Sephora's aisle of doom (i.e the shelves along the queue for the tills. Designed to make you want to spend more. It's very effective.). The idea with this is that you apply the green lipstick and it transforms into a plummy pink shade on contact with your lips. I like it! It is a total gimmick, there's literally no reason why you couldn't spend way less and get a tinted pink lip balm instead, but you do you.

I've previously only tried the Sephora face masks so I decided to branch out and try a moisturiser. This is the Intensive Instant Moisture+ Cream. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid for those of us with permanently parched faces. I like this, it's not too heavy, not too light, and it sinks in nicely.

I love Gucci Bloom; it's a powdery, floral, feminine perfume that has vintage vibes but still manages to feel modern. I also love the rollerball section of Sephora- we tend not to get rollerball perfumes as freely in Ireland as they do elsewhere and I find them ridiculously handy for throwing in your bag-they don't take up much room and they're a great way to try out pricey perfumes for less. 

Alright, put aside the fact that this is called "Avocado Soup", which granted, is disgusting, and focus on the fact that this is a really effective Sleeping Mask. Sleeping Masks are my favourite Korean skincare finds. It feels like you're doing something special, but really you're putting on a slightly thicker night moisturiser. 

It smells really good and feels soothing on. I like. Skinfood have a whole range of these kind of products, but I'm all about the moisturising so I kind of ignored the rest.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a repurchase. I've gone through a few of these (in the shade blonde), it's probably the best brow product I've ever used.

I go through brown kohl liners like it's no ones business. I use them instead of black cause it's a bit more flattering with my skin tone and eye colour and I generally smoke the line out with some shadow. I hadn't tried the Glide Liner from Sephora's own brand before, so I said I'd give it a go. I really like it; it's a twist up, so you're not losing any product with sharpening, it glides on and works equally as well with a fine line as it does smudging it. 

This was actually a purchase from a Scandinavian budget shop called Normal. It's kind of like Dealz; beauty, house stuff, sweets etc. They had these Revlon Color Care and Shiine Color Bombs for cheap and in my shade, so although we can get these at home, I had to pick one up. My hairdresser recommended this to me before for brightening up your blonde. It's kind of like a purple shampoo but isn't drying at all, so it conditions and adds shine as well as freshening up the colour. 

I hadn't tried anything from Zoeva and got suckered at the aisle of doom again with this super cute mini palette. This is the Cocoa Blend Voyager palette. All of these shades are stunning on blue eyes, but personally I'd get rid of Bitter Start (top left) and add in a dark shade. 
Anyway, as the name would suggest, this will be very handy for travel. It's also worth noting that this fella is just over a tenner, if you want to try Zoeva without buying a full size palette. 

I'm an absolute sucker for face masks, although I've since stopped buying them as much lately for environmental reasons. Much packaging for little product. Both are eye patches because I have lots of ones just for the face and my eye bags are large and unseemly. I love Tony Moly but the Panda's Dream Eye Patch were a bit weird. They felt like a strange black cloth over my eyes and didn't feel particularly comforting. I'm not sure they helped my skin much either.

Too Cool For School Coconut Eye Serum Patches are designed to hydrate around your eyes. These were definitely a lot nicer to use (they also smell delicious) and my skin felt incredible afterwards! Super soft and smooth. I'd definitely buy more of these if I found them. 

And that is that. 

Have you tried any of these?

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