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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Emergency Flormar Purchasing!

Last weekend we got in the car heading out of Dublin. I was tired from work the day before and having not slept super well, I was both looking disheveled and not well focused on the task at hand, namely getting myself into the passenger seat with the items I needed to not look like a White Walker. That is, my make up bag and my hairbrush.
Sure enough, I had forgotten them both. There they sat on the coffee table, of no use to anyone, except perhaps the 1940's era ghost lady that more than likely lives in our house and likes to try out my new fangled beauty products when I'm not there. Ordinarily I have no problem with leaving the house without make up, but I really and truly looked a state. If I don't wear fake tan, but I do wear make up, people will tell me I look tired. If I wear neither, people will call an ambulance for me, so shocked by my appearance that they fear I may in fact, already be dead. 

So, Himself stopped the car at a pharmacy, ostensibly so I could buy paracetamol, which I did but I also made a supermarket sweep style attack of the make up section and bought a few essentials. 
If you've ever been asked that "what's the one make up item you don't like to leave the house without" question, then you'll know what you would automatically want to purchase here. I previously had tried some Flormar products when they launched in Ireland (HERE) but have tried nothing since, although I do use their bronzer on a daily basis. This pharmacy had a Flormar stand, and as it's reasonably priced, I set about buying my "make up item I can't leave the house without", which as it turns out for me, is four separate items. 

flormar ultra brown eyeliner

I have to have eyeliner. I JUST DO. Without it, I look like I'm twelve. So I got a nice brown kohl liner, which is my fave as I like a smudged line that works with my blue eyes and isn't as harsh as a black liner. This is the Flormar Ultra Brown Liner and it's great. It didn't smudge that easily but then I didn't have any brushes or eyeshadow to smudge it out with so it did well, considering. It applied nicely and was soft enough that it didn't drag my skin but firm enough that it stayed put once on. I also used this to add a bit of definition to my brows and although it was slightly too dark for that, it still did the job. 

Flormar perfect coverage liquid concealer

My second must-have item is concealer, as I have relatively baggy under-eye bags. This is the Perfect Coverage liquid concealer and unfortunately, it's no great shakes. It's far too liquidy and doesn't have enough pigment or thickness to the formula for it to have any purchase on the delicate skin around the eyes. It didn't really do anything for me except for make me laugh at the description of what it does: "it helps to prevent and repair bags under the eyes". 
That ship has sailed long ago, sonny. 

Flormar Spider lash volume mascara

Thirdly, I bought mascara, because as it turns out, it really is all about the eyes for me. This fella immediately made me suspicious because it's called Spider Lash Volume, which I personally don't understand. Surely that's the opposite of the sort of lashes you'd want? Anyway, this is grand, it didn't set my beauty loving brain ablaze or anything but it did the job. Would I repurchase? Well, no, but that might have more to do with my never ending love for YSL's Le Effet Faux Cils Shocking mascara, which I will always be loyal to.

Flormar Perfect Coverage foundation

Lastly, I bought a foundation, which, was weird for me as I normally do a good bit of research before I buy a foundation and even in an emergency (playing fast and loose with the word emergency there), I wouldn't have thought this would be a product I couldn't do without. I guess we learn the most about ourselves in difficult situations like this (joking). This is the Perfect Coverage foundation, with spf 15, sweet almond and olive oil for "young, healthy, hydrated and protected skin". I quite like this except that I got the palest shade without testing it (again, husband waiting in the car outside, probably thinking "just buy the cheapest paracetamol, jeez, what's taking so long") and it is very pale (it's Porcelain Ivory). Pale gals, if you're looking for a good match, shade wise, this is great. I think for me though, it might be slightly too light. I again, looked not quite well, but in an Edward Cullen without the sparkles kinda way. Except with good coverage. I like this- it's prob light to medium coverage and having only applied it with my fingers, I was surprised at how well it went on. It also didn't mattify the bejasus out of me, which I hate and was nicely dewey but with a bit of a glow. I had no powder, but I didn't really need it either. I just need a different shade, totally my own fault. Two thumbs up for this one. 

I had both the peach shade of Dr. Paw Paw (if that is his/her real name. Seems unlikely) balm which I used as blush and my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick in my bag so that completed the look. Overall, I don't think I did too badly (I forgot to take a photo. #WorldsBestBeautyBlogger)! 

Have you tried any of these or anything else from Flormar? What's your "can't leave the house without" make up item?
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  1. Loved reading this Chloe, it's funny how everyone has different products they can't live without. For me it's concealer (for my dark circles) Mascara and lipstick, or some sort of lip product. I think I'd cry if I forgot my makeup bag!

    1. Honestly, I was just frantically searching in the car, even though I knew I'd forgotten it! Doh!