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Monday, 5 June 2017

Skincare Shakeup #1

I try so many different skincare products that it occurred to me that these posts shouldn't be titled "New Skincare" as they usually are, but rather "Skincare Shakeup", as often times, it's products I already have in my stash, they just haven't had their chance to shine yet (i.e, they haven't been near my face yet). 

Also, not all of these or any of the products in these posts are "new", sure Eight Hour Cream has been knocking around for donkey's years, as has The Body Shop's Vitamin E range. 

This is my most recent shakeup, I'm sure I'll be moving on from some of these soon, whereas others may be added to the permanent collection. It's like The X Factor, but somehow, more entertaining. This style of post also means that I don't have to do individual reviews on everything I try. If I really like it and I think it warrants more attention, I will of course write a more in-depth review, otherwise so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye etc. 

You probably know the deal with Alpha H Liquid Gold by now but if not, it's a chemical exfoliant that removes dead skin cells from your face, via a few drops on a cotton pad, swept across your skin, a couple of times a week. Chemical exfoliants have been the big thing for the last couple of years as it's been decided that those scrubby grainy exfoliators of old were too rough. Still, if you're delicate in nature you might want to avoid using this too often and never before stepping out into the sun as it exposes your skin even further to harmful UVA & UVB rays. So far, I think I prefer this to Pixi Glow Tonic (another blogger fave) but I'll report back.

I got these two Fresh products in Sephora last year; both were gifts thanks to my Sephora card but I'm only now trying them out. On the bottom is a Rose Face Mask, infused with real rose petals to hydrate and tone. I've used this once, applied to cleansed skin for 10 minutes and then washed off. I didn't notice a huge difference but this probably requires a few more uses to be sure.
The Soy Face Cleanser on top of it is for all skin types, rich in amino acids to gently cleanse both face and eyes. This is one that you massage on and then rinse off, it's a runny gel that actually does work well on all make up, including eyes but I'm always a bit iffy about these fellas as I enjoy the use of a muslin cloth- it feels like a better cleanse. So I've been using one with it anyway and it works well! This is also well suited as a second cleanser. You could use a micellar water first to get off the most of the make up (including difficult to remove mascara) and then use this to cleanse your actual skin, sans foundation etc.

Bryt Skincare are new to Ireland and have a whole range of products, suitable for every skin type. I was sent the Calm Serum to try out, which is for oily to combination skin. I have dry skin but I'm willing to give anything a go! I've been using this pre my moisturiser and primer in the mornings, during warm weather like we've been having, I find I do need a bit more help around my T-zone (mostly my nose) for foundation to stay in place. Bryt claims this serum is absorbent and regulates the sebum levels in the skin but that it also balances- it has oils in it too so you're not stripping your skin of your natural oils, rather controlling them. If you have oily skin, this would be a great option, as it can be hard to find serums for oily/combination skin types. 

Of course, I've tried the famous Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden before but that was many years ago and then I received a present at Christmas of an Eight Hour Cream gift set; hand cream, lip balm, body oil and a full size of the original magic cream itself. The latter is one of those weird products that no one ever really knows what to do with- I use it on dry patches like my elbows, shins and lips. It really does work, and feels almost like a medicated product. I wouldn't be using it daily but it's a nice one to have in case of emergency. The hand cream has been completely taken over by Himself, who has very dry hands. He's liking it, I may at some point try it myself also. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream is going well. I've already used up the day cream counterpart to this, which I liked too but if I was buying a full size of either, it would be this fella. It's thicker than the day cream but sinks in nicely, smells amazing and works well for dry skin, although it is suitable for all skin types. 

Also from The Body Shop is the Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. I have sensitive eyes and am weird about eye make up removers anyway but I brought this on holiday with me and it did sting me, pretty much every time I used it. Now, that could well be just me but be wary, is all I'm saying.

And that is the lot for my current skincare shakeup. Are you using any of these?
Have you tried any of them?
To the comments!

*This post features item/s that were kindly sent to me to review. I was not paid to do so and as always, all opinions are my own!

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  1. I had a sample of that Fresh rose mask and it didn't really do anything for me so I was glad I hadn't bought a full size. I love Liquid Gold! xx

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