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Monday, 2 January 2017

Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo & Conditioner | Review

So I'm starting off the year with a beauty review, but not just any beauty review.
The Kind Shampoo and Conditioner were hotly anticipated last year from well-loved Irish tanning brand, Cocoa Brown. Company creator, Marissa Carter had shown a sneak peek on her snapchat that set the beauty world into a tizzy and so I, amongst others were super excited to try these haircare products, specifically designed for sensitive scalps and hair

Firstly, I was keen to know why these are "kind" and what sets them apart from other similar products on the market?

These are Paraben, Alcohol and Formaldehyde free. The part that actually cleans your hair comes from natural sources- coconut oil and fruit sugars. And, because Marissa is always thinking 'tan', the ph level in these won't interfere with your tan, so you'll have a more even fade. 

This all means that they are suitable for anyone with a skin condition on their scalp, coloured hair or hair extensions.
I was able to tick off two on that list last year as I had dyed my hair pink and had hair extensions in for about 6 months (read about that HERE). I used both of these for the majority of that period and my hairdresser told me both my extensions and my hair were in good condition when I went to have them removed.
From my own perspective, I didn't notice any premature colour fading and both my own hair and the extensions felt well looked after- or, as well looked after as they can be when you have extensions, which ravage your hair, regardless of what anyone tells you. 

For me, the bottom line here is that these are a bit of a god-send for anyone with extensions- if you're planning on getting them or you have them in already, pick up these two. They'll look after your hair at a really reasonable price (Penneys have these in store from €3.50), which means you don't need to spend even more on your hair than you'll already have (extensions are great but horribly expensive). 

Have you tried the Kind range?
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  1. These sound like they would really suit me because my scalp is feeling very sensitive at the moment! I'll keep my eye out in Penneys! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway

    1. Definitely worth checking out. I'll be buying more for my next set of extensions for sure! xx

  2. I absolutely love both! My husband does too hahahah - Happy New Year xx Siobhan