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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Korean Beauty; Tony Moly & Skin79

A while back I showed you some bits from Korean beauty brand, Tony Moly that I picked up while in New York. When we were in Barcelona, I managed to find a Sephora (it's a unique honing ability that I have. That and using the internet) and found to my delight that there was a Tony Moly section there too!

tony moly bunny bar

I had been looking for the Bunny Bars for aaaaaages and was unwilling to part with cold hard cash over the internet for fear of being duped and sent nothing in return (I fear eBay). This is a Petit Bunny Gloss Bar in the shade Juicy Cherry. I particularly love the disdainful expression on his face. He hates you and he's letting you know all about it. If I can find more of these in the New Orleans Sephora, you'd best believe I'll be stocking up. It's just far too kitsch for me to not spend all my money on (and to be fair, they're not actually pricey).

tony moly bunny bar
tony moly bunny bar

Speaking of kitsch, is this Mini Green Apple lip balm. I already have the cherry and peach versions of these and at the time when I wrote the blog post about them, I said they weren't the best lip balms for moisturising, and granted that is still true but I grew to become practically dependant on the peach one when I was last an inpatient in hospital, in spite of several people pointing out to me that it looked like a nipple (Lads, I'm a midwife, that doesn't bother me in the slightest). This one smells more like a perfumed apple…like what I imagine those DKNY apple shaped perfume bottles smell like. It's not overly glossy but has a nice smack to it and seems to settle in quickly and moisturise. I like.

tony moly lip balm

Lastly, from Skin79 this time, is an Intensive Moisturiser Animal Mask for Dry Monkey Skin. Apparently there was not a mistake in the translation.
I have dry skin so I thought this was a great idea and as you know, I love a sheet mask for it's serial killer-style aesthetics. The description of "Hilarious Monkey Mask containing Hyaluronic Acid makes your skin moisturised" also appealed to me and Skin79 are renowned for their good quality skincare. I bought one of these for my friend's birthday too so hopefully she wasn't too horrified by it…

skin79 face mask
I just had a shower so my hair was wet, in case you were wondering.

Yeah. It's really more "creepy clown" than monkey mask but sure look, if you can't rock a terrifying face mask coming up to Halloween, when can you, am I right?

That aside, it smells lovely and my skin felt great afterwards, plus my make-up went on nicely the next day.

Have you tried anything from Tony Moly or Skin79 before?


  1. I love the gloss bar. His face!

  2. They look super cute. Is the gloss bar an actual lip gloss or more a tinted balm? I love your phone case too, so cute.