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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Accessory Picks For Summer From Penneys!

Summer is at last upon us and so an accessories shopping spree in Penneys was obviously on the cards. Most of these were bought with a gift voucher I had and there's a present in there too. I also picked up some t-shirts, leggings, sports bras and socks but I didn't think ye'd be overly interested in all of that jazz so here we are instead with the fun stuff!

We have a trip to Barcelona/South of France coming up so I wanted to get a pair of comfortable but cute tan sandals and these fit the bill nicely. These are partly made from real leather so that ticks the comfy box while the tassels and beading add a nice on-trend touch. These were €16.

Gin is my tipple of choice and so I couldn't resist a Gin Cooler flavoured lip balm, which actually smells mostly of Elderflower, one of my favourite accompaniments for the liquor itself. For €1.50, you're not going to be getting the greatest lip balm of all time; it's mostly just flavoured Vaseline to be honest but still quite nice!

That dreamy Coachella-vibey Snapchat filter that's doing the rounds obviously gave me ideas because I spotted these floral crowns and thought for €6, I may as well give it a go! I'll probably mostly wear this on holiday with a casual maxi dress and the afore-mentioned gin and elderflower in my hand! Can't. Wait.

I have a serious grĂ¡ for a pastel-hued, pointy-toed heel, so these minty loves had to come home with me. I've lost the receipt for these but I think they were €12

This gorgeous bunny/cat make up bag was a gift and I love it! Although it's not technically a Summer specific item, there's something about bright white and pink that feels appropriate for this time of year!

This Missoni-esque clutch was around the €8 mark, if I recall correctly and has already become a firm favourite of mine. It folds out to reveal a much longer bag than you'd expect with lots of room inside and a zipped compartment too! I love the colours in this, it makes me want to put on tan and sunglasses and sip lemonade on my (non-existent) porch.

Terribly, I also don't remember how much this tan belt was but I remember not paying over a tenner for it, if that helps at all? Anyway, this is perfect for pairing with floaty Summer dresses that need a little pulling in at the waist and those low hanging boyfriend jeans that show off just a smidge too much pasty ass-crack. I'm not speaking from experience here by the way. Ahem.

Lastly then is this frankly ridiculous, lemon bag. I debated fiercely with myself in the store over this one. In fact, I spent waaay longer in there than was necessary or for that matter, enjoyable, just so I could assure myself I was making the right decision. For €11 or so, I think I made the right choice. I greatly enjoy a novelty bag and I really love both the colour yellow and lemons themselves. Also, this is a bit of fun to liven up a dull outfit. I'll no doubt only get to use it a few times this Summer but like the floral crown, buying fleeting trend pieces like these for a good bit cheaper is definitely the way to go. You could no doubt buy similar in Topshop and spend a small fortune but sure, this works just as well!

Have you found any fab Summer buys in Penneys or anywhere else for that matter?
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  1. I need the coral bag, dont know where ill wear it but i need it. Oh and the minty shoes! x