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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Get Glowing Skin With These 3 Products!

I'm back! Hello! I returned to work last month and so have been in a world of early mornings, extreme brain focusing and some minor physical exhaustion. It's all good though, I'm loving it. It has meant the blog has taken a step back, which I think is fine too. We can't all do everything all the time. There has to be give and take. Anyways I'm getting back into things today with a look at three of the best skincare products that I've used in a really long time. I've noticed an immediate change to the appearance of my skin with all three of these and felt that that required some celebration, blog stylee.

First up is the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial from Ren. I'd heard great things about this fella but had put off buying it as it is rather pricey. However I recently availed of a 15% off offer on Cloud 10 Beauty and I knew from the second I used this that I loved it. 
Here's what Ren have to say about it: 

A transforming treatment that instantly revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with potent water-activated Vitamin C it will neutralize urban grey in a flash, leaving skin looking firm, toned and smoothed, while reducing the signs of fatigue, photo-ageing and skin imperfections. Skin instantly glows with renewed health and radiance.  

Ren 1 minute facial

I can wholeheartedly agree with that. Recommended use is three times a week- you apply it to your face and neck, wet your fingertips and massage using circular movements to activate the Vitamin C and leave for a minute, before rinsing off. It has a strange texture- almost grainy to start with. As you massage with the water however, it becomes a little bit paste-like and you can actually see it, removing the dead skin! It's unreal. What was particularly amazing however was how soft my skin was afterwards. I've never used an exfoliator, face mask, cleanser or anything that left my skin looking like this. I can't recommended this enough. Gone are the days of tired, dull looking skin. You might be hungover or shattered but this means your skin at least won't look it! Lash in some eye drops, make your hair 90% dry shampoo and use this- you'll be sorted! Bite the bullet, spend the money, it's very much worth it. Available HERE for €37.95. 

kinvara rose hip face serum

I hadn't actually tried anything from Irish skincare brand Kinvara and then I only went and won a hamper of their products at the Irish beauty Blog Awards recently! Hurrah! While I've yet to try their well loved Oil Cleanser or their moisturiser, I've been addicted to this. 

The Rosehip Face Serum is the business. This is intensive care for your face day or night and contains a blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories (something my poor puffy mug needs), vitamins and herbal extracts to help leave your skin softer, supple, hydrated and nourished.

If you follow me on snap chat (nursefancypants), you'll have spotted me raving about this before bed recently. It's a rather intimidating shade of bright yellow and feels quite heavy to be a serum but my god, once you blend it in, it's so good. 
Here's why I'm so mad about this one. I was absentmindedly touching my forehead a week or so ago (stay with me, this is going somewhere) and I suddenly realised- that part in between my brows and just above it, it's normally always quite dry. Make-up can be a bit patchy there, I have definite frown lines there too and overall it's the most "problem area" on my face. Not anymore! It's now smooth and super soft! What witchcraft is this, I mused. The only new product I had been using at the time was my Rosehip Serum. See? The business. It's not just that one weird patch either, my whole face loves it. Find out more from the brand on their Facebook page, HERE.

Botanics radiance balm

Lastly then, we have Radiance Balm All Bright from Boots brand, Botanics. This has been a beauty blogger favourite for a while now and is often hyped as being a dupe for MAC's strobe cream. 
While I've never tried the latter, I can confirm that the Botanics version is worth all the hype. This is a revitalising balm designed for all skin types and contains: 
Hibiscus for a brightness booster that leaves skin smoother, softer and radiant. 
I use this as a primer but honestly, this would work as well on its own for those days where you can't be bothered with make-up but still need a little sumin' sumin' to make you look less deathly (might just be speaking for myself there). 
While the Ren and the Kinvara will have more long term effects and this is really more of a surface only kind of result I'm still loving how quickly this can transform my face! 
So yes, I'm genuinely very impressed by how great this product is and even better, it's super bargainous. You can find it in Boots at the minute for only €3.99 HERE

Have you used any of these three miracle workers? If not, are they now on your to-buy list?!


  1. That REN mask is next on my list!

  2. I just got the REN mask and LOOOOVVEEE it! Now for your great enabling, heading to Target and grabbing the Botanics balm. Thanks for the review :)

    1. Yay! Hope you like it!! The Ren is so great, I'm buying it for my sister as well, it's so fab! xx

  3. I really want to get this REN mask, it really does sound like the stuff of beauty dreams! I love the Botanics range, it's such good value too xx

    1. Yeah i really like the Botanics range, the cleansing balm is lovely too! xx

  4. That Kinvara Skincare serum is one of my favourites. I've repurchased it (and their cleansing oil) multiple times.

    I find the Botanics Radiance Balm great on days when I'm not wearing makeup, but still want to look alive (which is most days lately). I think I actually prefer it mixed with moisturiser than I do as a primer or mixed with foundation. When it comes to glow when I'm wearing makeup I'm still all about the No7 Skin Illuminator.

    The REN Flash Rinse has been on my wishlist for a while, so I might have to pick it up during my next skincare stock up.

    1. I have the Kinvara oil, can't wait to try it but I'm going to wait til Winter (immersion problems). You should definitely pick up the REN, it's one of the few products that I've actually been happily shocked by!