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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Gloss

I've three lip glosses for you today from the Bourjois Summer collection. These are the Sweet Kiss glosses, which promise 10 hours of hydration and a shiny finish with the feeling of bare lips. In order to achieve a bold claim like 10 hours of hydration, they've included a thin oil-enriched serum that nourishes and adds shine without any excess like you can get from other gloopier glosses. 
The end result is that you have a lightweight gloss- so many brands are using this sort of technique at the moment and I have to say this does feel similar on the lips to the YSL lip oil, except this is definitely glossier and lasts longer, in my opinion. It's both comfortable and comforting on- almost like a balm. 
They're all mildly fragranced with something vaguely fruity- it's completely inoffensive and they have a delightful creamy, milky finish. 
Hurray for shimmer free gloss! A milky gloss is where it's at as far as I'm concerned and these are pure translucent colours with no shimmer flakes or mother of pearl added. Glory be. 

As de Pink, 01, Sand-Sation, 03 and Orange Presée, 05. 

I'm not a huge fan of nude lips so I was pleasantly surprised by Sand-Sation. Described as a "sandy blond enhanced with a touch of pink for immediate radiance", it actually grew on me the more I wore it. I still think it's too pale for my skin tone ordinarily but with tan it works well. 

I wear a lot of pinks so was immediately drawn to As De Pink (I don't know either). This is a grenadine pink that adds a nice healthy appearance and works well with a smoky eye or just worn with bronzer and a flick of eyeliner. I wore this to death in Rome and loved how handy it was to keep in my bag and top up as needed. Because the glosses are almost balmy, you get the best of both worlds- you're looking after your lips but with that lovely colour and shine added in.

Lastly and actually my favourite, is Orange Presée. I've been majorly into orange on lips for the past few months. It all started with a purchase of MAC's Sea Sheer and since then I've been fully converted. I didn't think I had the sort of skin tone that could pull off tangerine but it turns out I was very wrong. Orange Presée is surprisingly pigmented for a gloss and adds a bold swipe of colour but because it's a gloss, it still looks pretty and casual; perfect for daytime for those who ordinarily love a strong lip. This is a mini statement if you will- no fuss, no muss. I find it lifts my complexion and is well suited to this time of year. If I'm heading to an event or on a night out then I pair it with Indie Flick from NYX

These are €11.99 each and come in six different shades. I already have my eye on a couple of others in the range but without a doubt I''ll be repurchasing Orange Presée when it's finished. Have you tried the Bourjois Sweet Kiss glosses?
You can read more about the Bourjois Summer range with their Parisian Summer bronzers, HERE.

*This post includes press samples, gratefully received. All opinions my own, as always.


  1. Such pretty colours for Summer xx

  2. Did not imagine these like this but I'm surprised! Must try one of them!

  3. That necklace in the picture is beautiful! I wish Bourjois was available in the States. Although we also have a ton of brands so here so I can see why Bourjois doesn't market over here, but there are products I'd like to try. Possibly when I get around to traveling to the UK region.

  4. Orange Presée is my favourite gloss of the summer, I got it on Littlewoods a few weeks ago and it went straight into the handbag! Beautiful! I must check out the other shades.

  5. These look wonderful and I really like the look of Orange Presée. I've gotten into wearing orange since I got a NYX orange gloss and now I'm obsessed :) Love your pictures x