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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Pastel Blue Coat: Splurge or Save?! (Save, Obviously)

I've been after this beautiful pale blue coat from Oasis for a good while but kept going online to look at it and then clicking out again- the price was putting me off. I've no problem with spending a bit more on a classic wool Winter coat but a light jacket in a seasonal trend (in this case, pastel) felt like an unnecessary expenditure. Step forward reasonably priced fashion bastions, Penneys, or Primark to those across the Irish Sea.

The Penneys number on the left is made from scuba material and so doesn't wrinkle or crumple- ideal for throwing in the back of the car for a weekend away or a wedding AND it's machine washable! It zips up with a heavy gold zip, which is also featured on the sleeves. It's those little details that makes it look pricier than it actually is.

On that note, this was €35 (although my sister informs me that it's now reduced to €15!!), while the Oasis coat comes in at €106.00. Granted there may well be some difference in quality but it looks stylish and dresses any outfit up, plus it's the perfect Spring colour. Both are still available at the moment if you're after a blue coat of your own. Oh and Dunnes brand Savida has a woolier version available at the moment also. 

*Thanks again to my super stylish sister for buying this first and therefore alerting me to its existence. We can be like twins now! Yaaaay!


  1. Huge difference in price! Like you, I don't mind spending €€€ on a winter coat but for a seasonal coat €50 would be the max because chances are you'll have an eye on a different one next year! I love the shade of blue! xx

    1. So do I, it's so summery. I just thought 106 was a touch too much! xx

  2. I have the penneys one and love it x