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Friday, 10 October 2014

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Try me Kit | Review

I've been on the look out for a silver toning shampoo for blonde hair for a while now so when I saw this Try Me Kit from Philip Kingsley containing a Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner for "dull, discoloured, grey and brassy blonde hair" with an added Elasticizer to try out, I jumped at the chance to pick it up. The Elasticizer is one of those products always rated highly by bloggers but I didn't want to risk spending a small fortune on the big size as I  have a history of having poor results from haircare, no matter how fancy or expensive it is. This little kit came in at only €6.50, which I couldn't resist. Now it says on the packaging that each 20ml bottle is one application but like most mini sizes this has lasted me for four washes so far with plenty left so I'd ignore that.

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Try me Kit

First off, these smell incredible. Kind of like a mix of super fancy salon shampoo with a whack of lavender for good measure. Mmm.

The Elasticizer is an "intensive, super-conditioner" that you apply pre-shampoo to wet hair, applying in sections. After covering in a plastic cap (or cling film if that's all you have to hand), you leave it for 10-20 minutes before washing out. The idea is that this adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. After washing out you use your shampoo and conditioner as usual. 

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Try me Kit

The shampoo and conditioner are created using violet hues and optical brighteners to add shine and take down any brassy tones that can happen when you dye your hair blonde. The shampoo doesn't lather up that much and you need about two squeezes to do your entire head while the conditioner has a light enough texture and is easily massaged into the ends of your hair. After drying and styling, my hair was noticeably shinier with more volume and definitely a bit brighter. I can't say that it was really a much brighter blonde afterwards but overall my hair looked healthier and in better condition. I wasn't sure if that was down to the Elasticizer, the silver shampoo and conditioner..or both combined so I tried them separately and while I like the shampoo & conditioner, I really love the Elasticizer and will definitely be buying a full size. I might keep on with my search for the perfect toning shampoo however. 

You can find various Philip Kingsley kits including this one HERE on Feel Unique.
Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?


  1. I used the elasticiser a few times and I really didn't like it. It left my hair really lank.

  2. Sounds great, ill give it a try after my Joico finishes x

    1. It's been working a treat, don't think it's anywhere near as good for my hair as Joico is actually but great for brightening.

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