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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Skin Saviours 2014

I wrote a similar post last Summer and I'm sure some of the products mentioned will be the same but sometimes things are classics for a reason.

1, 2 & 3: Sun Protection!
I tend to get a new bottle of sunscreen ever year, himself and I use up a whole tube/bottle on our travels and this year is no different. This fella from Garnier was half price in the Merrion Shopping centre pharmacy there two weeks ago and we're already half way through it! Some weather we're having! This has a high SPF of 50, I always wear 50 because I don't tan, I only burn so I prefer to wear a stronger SPF and this has worked perfectly. No burning and it sinks in easily. The only issue I have with it is that it's odourless, I prefer a coconut-y scent during the Summer (I'll get to that later!) but it's not a big deal.
I always wear an SPF on my lips and face so I wear the EOS lemondrop lip balm, as it smells like sherbet and contains SPF15 along with my Chanel facial lotion, containing SPF 50. The latter there is a pure luxury item, there's plenty more reasonably priced facial sunscreens out there but himself bought me this as a present last Summer and to be honest, it's one of my favourite beauty products so I'm rationing it like crazy! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really soft. Most days during the Summer I just wear this and the EOS on my face and that's all that's needed! Perfect!

4: Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze*
Again, I'm almost finished this as I use it practically every night. This is a moisturiser with a built in gradual self-tanner, I apply it regularly to maintain a nice, even, healthy glow. I've had no issues with streaks (like all CB products, it applies like a dream), it smells like chocolate (yum!) and it's actually a really good tan- I mean you need to wash your hands well after use because you will have tanned palms in the morning! I use a tanning mitt for application to be on the safe side and because it's a gradual tanner, you don't need to wash it off the next morning so it's a handy product and I wouldn't be without it at this stage. I'll be picking up a new one as soon as this is empty.

5 & 6: The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub and Body Butter
Here's that coconut I was talking about! Is there anything nicer in the Summer than the scent of coconut on your skin? It's such a warm, gentle scent and invokes the beach and more tropical climes so I reach for this every year when the temperatures start to pick up a bit. These are brand new tubs..I'm sure other skincare fanatics can appreciate this image:

I just wanna dive in!!

7: La Roche Posay Eau Thermale/Thermal Spring Water Facial Spray*
I love this refreshing can of goodness! It's particularly wonderful during this scorching hot weather we've been having, especially as I've been having trouble getting comfortable at night. A spritz of this instantly cools the skin and helps take care of that awful prickly heat. For extra coolness, pop it in the fridge first. I also rate the Avene and Vichy versions quite highly, so whichever takes your fancy really but regardless, this is a good one to have about.

8: Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser*
After those hot, sticky nights with practically no sleep (minds out of the gutter, dirt birds!), I like to use this cleanser first thing in the morning as a bit of a wake-up call for my face. I love the smell of cucumber anyway, it reminds me of salads, afternoon tea and Pimms, so it's the perfect Summery scent for a cleanser ever! This is a gentle cleanser that you massage in and then wash off and is suitable for dehydrated, sensitive skin like mine. It also contains Aloe Vera, green tea and vitamins A and C, so if you've overdone it in the sun then it'll help for that too!

What are your go-to Summer skin saviours?

*Press samples, gratefully received. All opinions my own, as always.


  1. Great picks! Really would like to try out Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser but I haven't seen it in Wexford yet, I must go hunt it down, it sounds fantastic for the summer :) x

    1. Yeah, I really like it, it's quite gentle too which I find hard to get in a wash off cleanser!

  2. Love your picks! That Body Shop Scrub is amazing!!!

    Alex @

  3. I also adore the smell of coconut! The Yes To Cucumbers cleanser sounds gorgeous.

    1. yeah, the smell of both is amazing!! summer packaged!

  4. Excellent picks! A friend recently brought me back an EOS lipbalm and I love it - so handy for travelling because the germaphobe in me hates sticking my hands into a potted lip balm when I'm out (that, and it just makes me laugh when my boyfriend gives me an odd look for bringing 'the egg looking thing' out of my handbag!)
    Also love The Body Shop body butters summery scents! :) x

    1. My husband thought mine was a kinder egg at first, he was all "why do you still have that?" ha ha ha ha!! x

  5. They all sound rather lovely. This summer I'm struggling with bumpy sort of spots around my forehead and behind my ears - I think it's a reaction to sweaty hair being on my skin but I don't know what I can do about it. I'm making sure I wear light moisturisers. I bought a Boots facial sunscreen but it's still a bit heavier and sticker than I'd like on my face.

    1. Have you looked at any of the La roche posay or vichy facial sunscreens?