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Friday, 1 November 2013

New Irish Brand: Precious Polish

Indie nail polish brands are a phenomenon that's on the rise at the moment, primarily because people are wising up to the fact that there are some seriously harmful chemicals in the bigger-named polish brands and I'm sure we'd all rather avoid any unnecessary risks when it comes to what goes on our pinkies. My fellow blogger Anita (from Anita's Beauty Spot HERE) has set up her own polish brand, Precious Polishcornering the Irish indie nail polish market and producing polishes free from DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toulene and Camphor. I'm not entirely sure what each of those is but I do know they're nasties that you don't want to be smelling every time you open the bottle and you certainly don't want them on your nails! Anita, like myself, is also a big fan of the glitters and only uses glitters that are solvent resistant, so they don't bleed into the base colour. Even more exciting is that all polishes are made to order...that's right, YOU choose your own polish, from the base colour (of which there are 14 lovely shades to choose from) to the glitter (5 pretty sparklies to pick!), it will be a polish unique to you! I think this is a fantastic idea and would make a wonderful gift for a loved one (it's technically past Halloween now so we're allowed talk about Christmas).

The good news for those of you as indecisive as myself, alongside the option to create your own polish, Anita has produced a new collection of stunning pre-designed polishes (above), chosen by six Irish beauty bloggers. As us bloggers tend to be nail polish aficionados, you're guaranteed these will be on-trend, beautiful shades. The collection launches today and are €8 each, including shipping. This is a great idea, if like me you struggle when it comes to actually having to pick colours for your own polish (I'm beyond indecisive)!
You can read more about Precious Polish HERE


  1. I love the pink and grey/silver pretty. That's amazing idea to pick your own unique x x

    1. I think the 2nd and the 5th are my favourites, gorgeous!

  2. These look great, cant wait to try them

  3. just waiting to get paid and I will put in an order. Been dying to try these since Anita launched them!