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Thursday 4 April 2013

Post Hospital Recovery Kit!

If you follow me on twitter you'll have noticed a recent absence on my part while I was in hospital. Since getting home I've been basically putting all my energy into piecing myself together again- resting, exercising, eating well, sipping 7up and coughing dramatically like I've got The Consumption. I've also been trying a whole rake of products to try and patch up my poor outward self..perhaps not the most vital element of recovery but important in helping me feel like myself again. So these are the bits and pieces I've been using lately for my skin and hair:

Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute Enrichie
I'm loving this super moisturiser from Nuxe. I wrote a full review on it HERE.

Bit of a self explanatory one. I've been using this constantly on my lips..sometimes things are classics for a reason!

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5
Soothing Repairing balm for very dry skin- this has been an absolute godsend. I've been lashing it on and it made a difference from the very first time I used it. Pricey but so worth it.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
I've been wearing this over the Nuxe at night time, I find the two together is like my skin drinking a big glass of water..lovely. I wrote a full review of this HERE.

Sanctuary Hand Cream
This is part of a set of Sanctuary products a friend gave me and I've been loving it. It's really moisturising without being greasy, which I find is such a hard balance to get right in a hand cream.

Oilatum Scalp Intensive Treatment Shampoo
I actually forgot to include this in the photo but said I'd mention it here anyway. I tend to have a sensitive scalp so had been using this pre-hospital anyway but am finding it especially beneficial now.

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
This cost a small fortune but it had to be done- during my operation I had tape over my eyes which took half my brows with it. It really is the least thing to be worrying about but it's just one of those things that completely changes your apperance so I'm looking forward to them growing back (hopefully). This stuff brushes on just like a mascara- you use it twice a day but generally people tend not to see results for a few weeks. I've taken pre photos and will keep ye updated!

Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Fling
This was recommended to me by the lovely Marian of The High Life of Mars. I had been using a Rimmel brow pencil but found that it's too red toned now I have so little brow hair. This is the perfect shade for blondes and is easy to apply because of the precision of the tip. Thanks Marian!x

Kerastase Hair Oil
I also had this pre-hospital but have been finding it really great for my dry ends since getting home. I'm almost finished this and am considering trying out the L'oreal version as it's a bit cheaper.

OPI Nail Envy
I love this stuff, it really does make a difference to the condition of my nails, which have been weak and prone to breaking. I'm almost at the end of this too and will definitely be repurchasing.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Creme de Corps
I've wanted both of these for ages and my dry skin has finally given me the excuse I needed. I've only just started using them so I'll give them a proper try and then do full reviews on them both. So far I'm very impressed though.

Help me out here ladies, is there anything else I should without a doubt be using to help my skin/hair?


  1. Aw lady, I knew you were absent but didn't know why - hope you're fully recovered! xo

    1. Thanks Emma, I'm getting there slowly but surely! :) xx

  2. Really wanna try that Origins face mask! Hope you are on the mend! x

    1. Thank you! The Origins mask is the absolute business! x