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Monday 10 December 2012

The G Hotel, Galway and Lush bath treats!

We recently headed off for a break to the G hotel, Galway, a rather lovely wedding present as the G is one of our favourite places to go. The decor of the hotel was designed by non other than Irish miliner Philip Treacy himself- apparently a fan of supermodels, seashells and large silver orbs- which lends an air of the delightfully surreal to most of the rooms. It's recently been upgraded to a five star and really is a lovely break away- good food, an amazing spa and beautiful surroundings.

Champagne Afternoon Tea, Baileys hot chocolate by the fire, delicious dinners, a trip to Salthill, the Galway Christmas Market and general lovely relaxation. Fabulous.
Knowing that I had a lovely big bath to look forward to in the G, I popped into Lush before we left Dublin and picked up a So White bath ballistic (4.20 euro), a Big Blue bath ballistic (3.90 euro) and a Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar (8.90 euro).
Good news is that all of Lush's bath ballistics contain sea salt, which helps to improve circulation- so, definitely a good idea if, like me, your fingers and toes are always cold.
So White smells divine- like fresh apples:

While I liked this, I wasn't sure whether or not it was the bath ballistic or the hot water that relaxed my muscles..I didn't really feel like So White made a huge difference to my bath.
I did feel better after using Big Blue though- it contains lavender and seaweed and turns the water a delightfully tropical shade of blue, which helps if you're trying to pretend you're in Miami. Check it out:

I would definitely repurchase that one.
Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar is for sore and stiff muscles and contains cinnamon, cocoa butter, Shea butter, organic jojoba oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil and Aduki beans.

It smells lovely and does indeed soothe sore muscles. Unfortunately, the sales assistant in Lush advised me that it can be used in the bath, as a massage bath bar. He was wrong. So very wrong. As it turns out this is because once in the bath it a) melts, causing the bath to fill with massage oil, which not only renders the massage bar useless as it starts to disintegrate but also means that the bath water becomes a bit slimy and unpleasant and b) the aduki beads come away from the bar and fill up the bath meaning you then have to clean them out afterwards or risk causing a drain blockage. So thanks for that, Lush assistant. Maybe a rudimentary knowledge of your products might be a good idea in future. Since then, I have used the remains of the bar for a regular, non bath massage, which was very nice and much less uncomfortable all round.
Lastly, here's a photo from our spin out to Barna:



  1. Lovely, dying to visit that hotel looks amazing!

    1. Oh it's so fab, I'd urge everyone to go- it's such a lovely treat!x

  2. Oh God. Sorry but what an idiot!
    I work in a Lush shop not in Dublin and I can pretty much almost guarantee that he was a xmas temp. They're all learning so much so quickly and are mostly amazing but saying that they do sometimes get muddled, it's only understandable!
    But personally I've never heard of using Wiccy as a bath/massage bar, I can only imagine how slimy and messy that was!

    1. It really was. Kind of took away from it being a relaxing experience to be honest but it's grand, I'll know better myself for the next time! Also, I could not be more jealous of you working in Lush, I love that place! xx

    2. Aw thanks, that's nice to hear especially from a beauty blogger! In my experience we get slated a lot for being fake or too pushy. :P I like to think in our shop that we're just friendly.
      If you're ever in Cork pop in and say hi!

    3. Thank you for the offer! I love lush a bit too much, was in there again today getting more Marilyn! Xx

  3. Wow I need to link this post to my partner as a very subtly hint to take me to Galway!

    1. Sarah you definitely should, it's such a lovely treat! Xx

  4. Oh I love the G, your trip sounds fabulous! Must get back there soon xo