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Sunday 4 February 2018

Clarins SOS Primers | New Release!

One of the nicest things about the new year is all the lovely Spring beauty releases.
Pastel nail polish, floral notes in perfumes and peachy lip shades all make a reappearance and it starts to feel like there might just be an end in sight to the misery of Winter.
I've been lucky enough to try out one such lovely new release; the SOS Primers from Clarins. You will by now have heard of these if you're a beauty fiend. They've been all over Instagram and I'm mostly talking about my own instastories there- I love this primer!

Clarins SOS Primers

A quick description of these fellas: there's six in the range with each one taking care of a different skin issue. I have two to try out; Universal Light to boost radiance for dull skin, and Lavender for brightening sallow skin
Also in the range is Rose, which minimises signs of fatigue (I kinda feel like I could do with this one too if I'm honest!), Peach, which blurs imperfections for a flawless finish, Coral, which minimises dark spots and Green, which diminishes redness (a good one for anyone dealing with Rosacea).

So as well as doing what primers are meant to do, i.e provide a good base for your foundation, they have the added bonus of tackling whatever skin issue you've been struggling with.
Thus, killing two birds with the one, smoothing stone. Hurrah!

Clarins SOS Primers

I've been using Universal Light for the last three weeks. I wear it under Isadora's Cover Up Foundation & Concealer. That particular product is medium to full coverage, which I don't normally wear thanks to my dry skin but, if you add it to an illuminating primer you balance the two out perfectly. I liked that foundation anyway but I love it with this primer. Rarely does a day go by when I wear the two together that I don't get complimented on my face, which is always enjoyable! :D

Clarins SOS Primers

I've tried out Lavender and can see the pigments in it, clearly, but as I don't have sallow skin, I'm not the best person to trial it! It has the same consistency though, which is a wonderful base for your foundation- leaving you with a smooth and prepped surface that'll help your make up last longer. 

It's a good'un.
The SOS Primers are available now and are €31 each.


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  1. I feel like I could do with all of the primers because my skin if often dull and fatigued, could do with blurring and is sometimes prone to redness! lol! I might pick one up in Duty Free next month because I'm on a sending ban at the minute! xx