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Monday 27 November 2017

Christmas Present Ideas 2017!

This has become a yearly tradition, and one I probably would have stopped doing had I not heard from a few men that they find these extremely helpful when looking for presents for their female significant others, something I love hearing!

I'll have my usual book suggestion post up too, so keep an eye out for that.


This Works Sleep set is perfect for anyone who struggles with insomnia, or for new parents, or even eople who work night shifts etc. I've tried a few of the products in this, including the candle and the famous pillow spray and they're lovely products that do actually work! This one is €96, but you can find plenty of smaller sets to suit every budget. Find it HERE.

NYX are known for their gorgeous lip creams in shades named after various cities. Finally there's a Dublin one! To make it even more special it comes with an eyeshadow palette too. £15, HERE.

You can't ever go wrong with a Lush set- I have the Star of Wonder to show you this year, I'll do a proper review on the contents because there's some new products in there most of us won't know about so keep an eye out for that! This fella is jam packed, £36.95, HERE and in store, of course.

The Body Shop do amazing advent calendars every year (fun fact- they were the first company to do beauty advent calendars so they're the original and best!). This time they have a New Years advent calendar that means your loved one has a present every day to open from Christmas to New Years, the ideal advent gift! €59.50, buy in store!

I've included so many e.l.f sets because they're unreal value so they'd make perfect stocking fillers but they're also really good products, none of which are tested on animals AND they've only just come to our shores so the beauty lover in your house more than likely won't have anything from them! Perfect! Left to right; 4 Piece Lip Laquer set, €20, 4 Piece Medium Brow Kit, €25, 3 Piece Highlight and Glow set, €25, Double the Drama Eye Kit, €25. E.L.F is available in Penneys & pharmacies all over the country.

The Clarins Double Serum [Hydric & Lipidic System] has been one of my favourite products all year (reviewed HERE). I got the one I'm currently using at a blogging event, for review, but the previous bottle I had came from a set like this that I bought last Christmas. It's an expensive product so a set like this is good value, you also get to try out an Instant Light lip Comfort oil in Honey and an eye make-up remover and you get a new toiletry bag in the process! Woop! Normally €72, currently €61.20 HERE.
Thierry Mugler has a new perfume out their year. I've loved the scents that came before this one, including Alien and Angel and one of my work friends has been wearing this new one; Mugler Aura. It's good! That's a 50ml eau de parfum with a 5ml miniature to pop in your bag. Normally €89, currently €72.25, HERE
Lastly is one for the fellas cause I'm thoughtful that way! This is a great Clarins set, including a wash bag, shower gel & shampoo, revitalising gel, cleanser and serum. Himself always has dry skin so sets like this are the business. Normally €69, but HERE for €55.20, (only available from Brown Thomas & Arnotts).

Stocking Fillers:

I'm giving just random ideas here; all the Harry Potter stuff in Penneys are really reasonably priced, with loads to chose from- mugs, socks, scarves, etc. Aside from that, there's great beauty sets, slippers, scarves, hats and gloves in Penneys also. Finally, check out Paperchase for the best tree decorations- they're super kitsch, made of glass (so they feel a bit fancier) and in lots of unusual shapes, like this aubergine, which I love!

Truly Useful Presents:

Keep cup's are the wave of the future. We're loading up our landfills daily with huge amounts of disposable coffee cups- they can't be recycled cause most of them are lined with polythylene, a truly disturbing thought. These range from €11.95 up to €24.95, depending on what style and size you go for. They're easily washed and are portable plus most coffee places are used to these now and will be happy to accommodate! Available HERE.

This Skinny Dip London portable phone charger is a bit pricey at £25, you'll probably find a cheaper one in Penneys, but no guarantee it'll work as well. Plus the dinosaur print- awesome! HERE.

Personally, I always want to lash on an audio book or some music when I'm cooking or showering and these mini wireless speakers seem ideal for that! Plus the panda is adorable! €11.39 HERE.

You can't go wrong with an Agenda for the truly organised (or to help the non-organised), (mentioned below) do good'uns too but this one from Kate Spade is classy and pretty. €42, HERE.

Luxurious/Romantic Gifts:

The Cashmere jumper is €149 (HERE) which is a lot but it's cashmere, so you get what you pay for. M&S always do a good range of these and if it's too patterned for you, it also comes in grey/white and there's plenty of plain grey, cream, striped etc. jumpers. I'd suggest caution with the size of this one by the way, the comments online all indicate it's oversized.

Himself has previously bought me the beautiful Double Ring Infinity necklace from my fave jeweller, Chupi and I wear it every day. I get compliments on it constantly because although it's not an unusual style, the twig mould it's made with makes it unique. Plus it goes with everything! €169, HERE.

Sass and Boho are a luxury Irish brand that makes diffusers, candles and home fragrances. This year they have a Christmas scent called OĆ­che Nollaig (love it) with a warming blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a hint of burning firewood and juicy clementine. Apart from wanting to eat it, it sounds like the perfect luxury gift for a Winter's evening. €27 HERE.

This You're my Lobster mug comes in at a whopping €11.39, so it's definitely more on the romance side than the luxury side, but how sweet! Available HERE.

Fun/Novelty Presents:

Gin is all the rage at the minute and if you want to give something to go with your bottle of Gunpowder or whatever your loved ones tipple of choice is, then the Gin Purse from Tatty Devine is fun and somewhat practical...I'm not sure how many coins you'll fit in there but think of all the comical photos you can take on a night out, pretending to drink from it?! €17.09 HERE.

What's better than Beer Pong? Prosecco Pong, of course! Also available in a gin version. €14.85, HERE.

I picked this flask up while away in the states recently cause they're cheaper then they are at home but even at that, these are only €12.95. Worth it for the craic you'll have drinking your coffee out of this while making direct and unbroken eye contact with your colleagues. I can't do that unfortunately, cause it'd be unprofessional (ahem) but I can live vicariously through the rest of yis! Buy HERE.

Look, I'll be honest, I want these Alien slippers myself cause for some reason, they remind me of the Zig and Zag ones I had and loved as a nipper. They're €18.92, HERE but I might wait til they're reduced!

That's the lot for now, but as I hear of more, I'll pop them up on the Facebook page. I hope that's been even slightly helpful in your present planning! Let me know if you've started your Christmas shopping already- where's your go-to for gift buying?

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  1. Great selection of gifts! I'd love to find so many of these under the tree! The cashmere jumper is fab! xx