Thursday, 23 March 2017

Kiko Smokey Purples

While I can, I'm going to get away with as much smokey-eyed make up as possible; even though I'm currently using and loving the Too Faced Peach palette, the weather is still basically Winter-tastic out there, so purples it is! 
I picked these up last Autumn in Amsterdam and even though I usually consider purple smokey shades better suited to green-eyed gals, I decided to give them a go. For very important research purposes.

Kiko make up

Kiko lipstick

It's important to note that this lipstick (Gossamer Emotion in 128), like most from Kiko, has an unbelievably cool James Bond-esque lid that opens with the click of that little button on the top. I like to pretend that I'm also setting off an ejector seat every time I use it. Anyway, that colour is a rich berry that translates as quite a pigmented, glossy finish. It takes about two proper swipes to get the colour you can see in the photo at the end of the post (unfiltered, obviously). On me I think it looks much more plummy than the almost burgundy bullet in the tube but that might have something to do with the finish. I went for the glossy one instead of it's matte counterpart purely because I have and love Rebel, from Mac and was worried they'd be too similar. Although, this fella is moisturising and adds a nice pop of colour so it's win-win really. 

Kiko make up

The eye pencil in the shade 03 (I wish they named their products, it's a pet peeve of mine) is incredibly soft and is easy to apply. I find it perfect for smoking out with shadow on my upper lid but it can leave a fair bit of fall out when I do the same on the lower lid for some strange reason. That's my only issue with it really and I'd be interested to try some other shades in the same pencil.

Kiko make up

Isn't that just a beautiful quad though? So aesthetically pleasing!
This is the Colour Fever Palette in the shade 101. I decided to branch out a little and go for purples instead of my usual nudes, taupes, browns and golds and I really do like these on. They apply and blend well, like much more expensive shadows actually and I've decided I can officially pull off purple eyeshadow, even if this is a more muted, wearable variety!

Kiko make up

Kiko is annoyingly not available in the Republic of Ireland. They now have a store in Belfast, plenty across the UK and in most European cities that are not Dublin. Do I sound cranky about that?! 
I am.
You can also find them online, HERE.

Are you as big a fan of Italian brand Kiko as I clearly am?
Have you embraced the purple eyeshadow?!
To the comments!

*This post was not paid for or sponsored and all products featured were bought using my own meagre nurses salary (a tiny violin plays)


  1. I really wish we had Kiko in Dublin! I have only heard great things about the products. I LOVE that quad - I have green eyes so love a bit of purple eyeshadow. I love this look on you! xx


  2. Omg Chloe I LOVE these shades on you!! I adore tonal make up (to a certain extent, not a fan of a green lip) haha! But I love the purple toned eyes and lips. I love kiko, I try to find a store whenever I'm in the UK or France. Can't believe they're still not here!

  3. These shades are fabulous on you! I want the lipstick with the James Bond lid...